Escaping Reality

Lara Webber has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life. She doesn't want a boyfriend and her and her best friend Alexandria keep getting in fights. When she literally runs into Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, will she let the five boys from the world famous boy-band help her? And will she accept one of the band members advances to her, or will she be to scared of her past and run away from the best thing that's happened to her in a year?



2. You Deserve to be Shamed


Life is all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever- The Vow


Whispers followed her as she walked down the school hallway, and she knew what they saw. They saw a girl that was broken with yellowed bruises on her face and a white scar from her eyebrow down to her lips. On the outside she could cover up her broken body with clothes and makeup, but everyone knew what had happened to her that summer- it was all over the news. Reporters had been outside the hospital the minute she had been admitted, but they didn't talk to her until three months later. And even then she hadn't said anything, she could remember wanting to just tell them that all she wanted was to go home to her mum and never go outside again, to stay inside. Wishing that she could be normal. To forget the trauma that she had been through. To tell them that she had to see a psychiatrist because she was to messed up. Tell them  that every night she had nightmares of him torturing her with no mercy, over, and over again. She used to wake up screaming and thrashing in her bed with sweat covering her from head to toe, and even though she felt hot, she was cold on the inside. And that's how she thinks it would always be like. 

She remembers shutting all of her friends out of her life with ignored texts and calls, even unanswered e-mails and Facebook messages. Except Andria, she wouldn't let her. Every time she would ignore her phone calls or texts she would just come over to her house and sit with her until she wanted to talk. She could remember wondering why she put up with her, and every time she would ask her she would just smile sadly and say, "Your my best friend, and you need me."  

During that time Lara had found out who her real friends were. And it turns out she never really had any real ones, only Andria and her brother Alex. Andria and her fought all the time now, but she thinks its just because they were always disagreeing on whats best for her, whether it be her health, education, or her weekly visits to the psychiatrist. She could remember one day telling her that all she wanted was to go to sleep and never wake up, and let all the pain drift away like the waves on the seashore. She had screamed at her for fifteen minutes before collapsing to her knees and crying, asking Lara, 'Why do you have to make it so hard for me to just care about you'?  

She thinks the worst thing about everyone knowing what happened to her was the sympathy, its like somebody saying 'I'm sorry' after finding out somebody's parents are dead. Why are they sorry? They weren't the ones who put her in a hospital for three months. She didn't want their sympathy. It literally meant nothing to her. 

People looked at her like they knew who the real Lara was, not the broken one standing in front of them. When they probably wouldn't even know who she was if her story wasn't shown on the news across all of the Uk. And sure, she had had a lot of friends before what happened, but only Andria, Anastasia, and Alex knew what was actually going around in her life. But her and Anastasia didn't talk anymore. And it wasn't because of what happened- they had just... drifted apart.

"Hey, Lara."

The voice came from behind her and Lara turned around to see Spencer Collen, aka the schools man-whore-extraordinaire standing behind her with a cocky smirk planted on his face.

Spencer had slept with at least half of the schools population. He really didn't care if it was a boy or girl. Andria once went on a date with him, and at the end of the date he put her hand up her skirt and she slapped him. Lara could see why everyone wanted him though. With his blonde hair, hazel eyes, and goalie status on the football team. Not to mention he was really tall... and buff. Like, really buff. But he wasn't Lara's type... And she wasn't even sure she even had a type anymore.

"So, I was thinking. Me. You, this Saturday?" He was looking at her like he knew the answer was was going to be a yes... which it wasn't.

She opened her mouth hesitantly to answer the question before somebody walked up and linked arms with her and a feminine voice said, "Buzz off, Collen. She doesn't want to go out with your cheap arse."

Alexandria gave a glare before tugging her away from him with a scoff, "I can't believe he has the nerve to ask you out. He just wants to be the first person to get in your pants. What a sleaze!"

She ushered them in the direction of their lockers, glaring at anyone who was whispering about Lara, "I don't get why they talk about you like your not right in front of them. Like honestly, its been months-"

Lara cut her off quietly, "Its only been a month since I woke up, Andri." 

"Exactly! Its been a whole month, and its like they don't think you want to just forget about what happened. They need to shut up."

We stopped at our lockers and she released my arm to do a little twirl, instantly forgetting what she had even been talking about. "So? What do you think? I made it up when I left your house."

That was thing about Andria, she was a artist. Not with paint or pencils, but with fabric. And whenever shes angry she gets inspired for something, so today she made up a cute -but simple- outfit.  

She adorned plain black tights, a pale pink crocodile embossed leather bustier (basically, its a half-top), a cream crocheted cardigan, dark beige pumps, and to finish it off, a black leather shoulder bag. 

"I like it," Lara said and gave her a small smile, heaving her bag higher on her shoulder.

She huffed and crossed her arms with a small glare on her face, "I can't say the same for you, Lara. Really? Navy blue button dress with white lining and red belt? I like the beanie, the black platform pumps, Marc Jacobs body bag, and the beige trench coat. But the dress? Seriously to dark. If you have a designer like moi as a friend, you can't dress like that."

Lara looked around and saw nobody was looking at them anymore, save for a few people. "Did you really just have to name off everything I'm wearing? It's weird..."

She rolled her eyes with a small playful smile, "You deserve to be shamed." 

These were the times that Lara cherished, it was like the old her was shining through the black holes. She could tell that Andria cherished them, too, Lara thinks that Andria believes that one day the old Lara will just come up and start joking around with her, she highly doubts that's going to happen, though. 

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