Escaping Reality

Lara Webber has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life. She doesn't want a boyfriend and her and her best friend Alexandria keep getting in fights. When she literally runs into Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, will she let the five boys from the world famous boy-band help her? And will she accept one of the band members advances to her, or will she be to scared of her past and run away from the best thing that's happened to her in a year?



1. Moments

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened ~ Dr. Seuss


"C'mon, c'mon!" Andria yelled with a delighted smile on her face, her eyes closed and her long hair flying around her. "I wanna stay up all night!"

"Those are two completely different songs," Lara said quietly with a small smile aimed at Andria and Andria threw her head back laughing.

"Its a mix-up!" She exclaimed with bright eyes and threw herself on the bed next to me, making me bounce lightly.

"I love One Direction," She sighed with her eyes closed and Lara looked down, smiling a shy smile.

"I know, so do I." 

"No. You love Liam Payne. And I love Harry Styles. Sounds good, doesn't it? Alexandria Styles," She stated dreamily while staring at the poster of him that Lara had on her wall. Andria sighed dramatically and rolled over on the bed, "If only he would notice me!"

"Liam Payne who is coincidentally in One Direction, Andria." Lara mused gazing around her room with a scrunched up nose and stretching her legs out, stating quietly, "And yes I know you love Harry Styles. But didn't you just say that you love One Direction? As in all of them together?" 

She scoffed and opened a new bag of fuzzy-peaches, frowning when the bag ripped in half. "What are you talking about? I love Larry Stylinson. Not One Direction!"

"Whatever you say, Andria."

She was quiet for a minute, humming a small tune.

"So..." She said finally,twirling a strand of her hair, "I was thinking we could go to the park this afternoon, and maybe find you a hot date?" She nudged her with a small, hesitant grin and Lara's eyes darkened considerably.

"I'm not going on a date, Andria. I tell you this every time you ask. I don't want a boyfriend, I already have enough problems in my life as it is."

"Yeah, but if you get a boyfriend maybe he would be able to help-"

She cut her off before Andria could finish her sentence with a stone cold voice, "I'm not dumping my problems on anybody else. I've told you that millions of times."

"Yeah but-"

"Just drop it, Andri," Lara said quietly and she stuck her hand in her bag of licorice with a small frown marring her face. 

Andria's always been trying to set her up with boys, and she know she didn't do it to hurt her, or make her angry or anything. She just... wasn't ready to have a boy in her life right now. She really didn't think she would ever really be ready. There were things -bad things- that have happened to Lara that she didn't know if they would -or could- ever be fixed. 

It was awhile before either of them spoke, the only sound the crinkling of the bag of fuzzy-peaches as Andria munched on them.  

"I miss you, Lara." Andria said quietly with her eyes lowered to the floor.

"Yeah, well I miss me to," She replied with her blue eyes lowered to the floor and running a shaky hand through her curly brown hair. 

"You used to make people fall to their knees laughing. You used to be smiling every time someone saw you. Everyone used to want to be your friend," She raised her eyes from the ground and stared at Lara, her eyes a sad, dull blue. "I miss my best friend," She finished quietly and Lara brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, her eyes troubled.

"I wish I was the old Lara, Andria. Why can't you just understand that? You know what's happened to me and you can't seem to get that it's hard for me. I can't just forget what's happened to me." Lara said, deathly quiet. And Andria's eyes flashed. She wasn't on a sugar rush anymore.

"I do understand, Lara. Maybe I'll never know how it felt for that specific thing to happen," She glared at her with sorrowful eyes, "-But maybe I do understand the loss you feel. My brother is in the hospital. In a coma. Like you had been for three months! Do you know how worried I was? I didn't know what was going to happen to you, I didn't know if you were going to see the next day. All you did was lie in that fucking bed and sleep!" Her hands in tightly balled fists, she stood up with her eyes becoming a more vibrant blue from the tears that were growing more steadily in them. The expression on her face was anguished and scrunched up, as if she couldn't take it that Lara was being this way again.

She felt a sudden rush of anger, directed at who or what she didn't know. She was just so angry all of a sudden. 

"You think that's my fault?" Lara yelled, her mind on the brink of a break-down and her hands fisted in her hair, "You think I asked for this? To be scared of every man I see walking down the damn street? I keep having to look over my shoulder, because I think that scum will come back and hurt me again!" She let out a shuddering breath and fell to the ground, her hands covering her face. "I never wanted to be like this." 

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