Escaping Reality

Lara Webber has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life. She doesn't want a boyfriend and her and her best friend Alexandria keep getting in fights. When she literally runs into Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, will she let the five boys from the world famous boy-band help her? And will she accept one of the band members advances to her, or will she be to scared of her past and run away from the best thing that's happened to her in a year?



3. Freak


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


School was over now and Andria and Lara were currently walking to their lockers on the farther side of the school, their heels clicking against the tiled floors and their books held loosely in their arms.

"So..." Andria started and looked to the left, "I heard you got a new kid in your class today... is he hot?"

Lara laughed quietly and switched her books to her other arm, "If you have a thing for girls, I guess."

She looked at her with confusion written on her face, "I thought the new student was a boy."

"No," Lara informed her with a small smile, "She's a girl, her names Mackenzie Maxwell. Tall, brunette, and pretty quiet..."

"Okay then..." She trailed off before perking up, "We're still going to the mall at five, right? Because I saw a dress in this store, and it would totally look cute on you."

"Why do you always insist on shoving me in every dress you can find?" Lara asked with a small frown, "The clothes I wear are perfectly fine." 

She looked at Lara like she had just slapped her, blue eyes wide and offended. "Maybe if your goth!" 

"I might as well be," She muttered stopping at their lockers finally.. 

Lara raised her hand to open her locker before stopping at the envelope stuck to it. It wasn't anything special, just a plain white envelope with her name written on it and a indent that indicated there was something hidden inside it.

 She peeled it off, curiosity spiking and opened it up. First there was a note that read;

Dear Lara,

I saw this and thought of you. It suits you perfectly.


Reaching her hand inside, she gently pulled out a black chain necklace. And at first she thought it was sweet that somebody would get her a necklace. But then she saw what it said. In bold black letter on the end of the chain was the word 'FREAK'.

Instantly tears welled up in her brown eyes and she dropped the necklace in shock. She didn't understand, she had been so good today, hadn't had one break down or bad thought. Who would put that on her locker? What sick person  would put that on her locker, knowing what she'd been through? 

Dark thoughts started plaguing her mind. It was all her fault this happened to her. She deserved what he did to her. She was worthless, nobody will ever want her.

Images flashing by like a light bulb flickering in the darkness . 

She didn't realize she had been shaking until Andria put a hand on her arm, and Lara quickly jerked it away, whimpering   Andria's blue eyes clouded over with worry, "Lara? Are you okay?"

She started mumbling incoherently, eyes darting nervously around, waiting for the punishment to come, "I'm not okay. Nothing but a freak.... Its all my fault. All my fault..."  

She felt the world rushing around her, and the last thing Lara saw was Andria's arms flying out to grab her as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she fell. Everything went black.

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