Escaping Reality

Lara Webber has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life. She doesn't want a boyfriend and her and her best friend Alexandria keep getting in fights. When she literally runs into Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, will she let the five boys from the world famous boy-band help her? And will she accept one of the band members advances to her, or will she be to scared of her past and run away from the best thing that's happened to her in a year?



4. Flashbacks


Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend- Albert Camus


She couldn't remember how long she'd been in this dank, dull, basement. It had to have been weeks by now. There was no window in here so she couldn't tell when it was night or day. The only thing she did know was that her mum was looking for her, she knew that. 

The door at the top of the stairs creaked open and footsteps pounded down the stairs, each step sounding like gunshots being fired, even though they were silent. And a fresh wave of tears poured down her cheeks in waves while she curled into the wall that she was connected to by the rope around her bloody wrist and shivers wracked through her exhausted body. It was midnight then. That's what time he always came down at to deliver her 'punishment'. Booted feet stopped in front of her spot where she was curled against the wall, and a hand fist into her hair and she cried out, weakly trying to swat his hand out of her tangled mess of hair.

Stale beer breath puffed in her face and he dropped her to the ground harshly, the clinking sound of a belt-buckle being undone reaching her ears. Her eyes widened and she got on her hands and knees begging, "Please... please... I want my mum... Don't do this to me!"

He raised a hand and slapped her across the face, sending her reeling.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO SPEAK!" He roared and she cowered back into the corner, whimpering. 

His voice went cold, "Now turn around."

And she turned around.


"She's gonna be alright, right?" Alexandria.

"She's just got a little bump on her head from the fall, other than that she should be fine."

"Thank god," Andria sighed in relief and she could hear her shifting around and the sound of her sitting in a chair near Lara's head.

Where was she?

What happened?

Questions circulated Lara's mind and she desperately wanted to open her eyes so she could ask them. All she could remember was a black necklace, dark thoughts, and than it all went black. 

The soft sound of a door clicking shut reached her ears and Andria sighed softly next to her, and it was quiet for a moment, before Andri's voice softly cut through the silence. 

"Alex's in the room next to you... I went to go see him today. They say nothings changed. Its weird, seeing him lying on the same bed that you had been lying on for three months... He looks like hes sleeping. They tell me that they're sure that he's going to wake up... but they don't know Alex like you and I do," Lara could hear the smile in her voice, "He's to stubborn for his own good. He's probably staying asleep just to make me worry.

"Sometimes at home, I'll wake up and expect him to be hogging the bathroom or finishing all of the cereal. I guess its just weird, not having him around to annoy the freaking hell out of me." She paused, the only sound in the room being their steady breathing and the shifting of her in her chair, "You know, he was the one that helped me out when you were asleep? I remember coming here one day to see you, and then just yelling at you because you wouldn't wake up." She stopped again, humming something, "I missed you, a lot. And even though your awake... sometimes its like your still sleeping. Like I'm missing my best friend again and you just wont wake up and listen to me."

She shifted in her seat and huffed out a breath, "And I know you think I don't understand what your going through, and I probably don't... but I know It'll take time for you to heal. The wounds you got from him ran deep..." She trailed off and Lara could feel her staring at the scar on the side of her face. "I hate seeing that scar," She whispered softly, "And its not because it looks ugly or anything, it just reminds me of a time in your life where I couldn't help you... and I hate that."

She sighed and the chair scraped back while she stood, "Your moms on her way here, I'm just going to go drop by a snack-machine or something."

Her heels clicked along the tiles as she left the room and Lara let herself be taken away by the darkness.



The doctors didn't make her stay the night since all she had was a little bump on the head, and she got to pack up what little things she had in the room. 

Alexandria had had to leave at five because she had to babysit her little sister, and Lara's mum had to go to work at five-thirty so she was currently alone at the hospital. Her mum hadn't wanted to go, but after Lara kept insisting that she go she eventually did, saying that she call her immediately when she got home. 

She hadn't really had anything to do, and was just sitting around waiting to tell the doctor that she was leaving so she  had decided to go to the room across the hallway to see Alex. 

Standing up, she blinked her eyes owlishly at a sudden rush of nausea, and swayed a little while trying to make it disappear. Finally, when she felt ready to walk, she brushed off the non-existent dirt on her dress and made a face at her heels that were sitting across the room. They were the only shoes that she had to wear though, so she quickly slipped them on, grabbed her coat and bag then left the room. 

It wasn't like it was a long walk or anything, considering he was right across the hall from Lara's room. So it barely took a second to get there, and when she entered the room, she ran smack-dab into a considerably short body. Her arms flailed around her, a voice whispering, "Shit!" and arms wrapped around her waist, stopping her from falling backwards onto the white tiled hospital floor. 

Staring down at Lara from under a black hoodie, was Louis Tomlinson.

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