Behind Closed Doors: Girl Heart Boy

For the Girl Heart Boy competition


1. The Deleted Scene


'I'm going to get us another drink' Ash spoke, giggling away. I smile and nod, biting my lip to stop myself from laughing at how drunk she had become. We'd only been here an hour and she was already drunk. That's Ash for you. Typical.

I looked around the room as I waited for Ash to come back and couldn't help the burst of laughter that escaped my lips as I saw one girl desperately flinging herself onto a guy who clearly has no interest in her, if the way he was backing away was anything to go by. The way I see it, to get a guys attention being desperate is definitely not the way to act. If you act like yourself then surely the right kind of guys will fall for you. Isn't that what you'd prefer? I know I would.

Sighing, I decided to go to look for Ash as it can't take this long to get us both another drink. I pushed myself through the bodies that were dancing the night away. Once I got to the kitchen, i frowned. There was people in here, chatting and topping their drinks up. Ash wasn't one of these people. I wonder where she could have got to.

Not bothering to get myself a drink, I walked back through the lounge area to the staircase. Gripping onto the banister to stop myself from being pushed back down, I hesitantly walked up the stairs, wrinkling my nose in disgust when a guy almost fell on me, breathing heavily. His breath was not nice. At all! It stank of alcohol and something I couldn't quite place, but it sure wasn't good. I almost tripped on the top step, but someone had managed to catch me before my face said hello to the floor.

I didn't turn to see who it was that had caught me, I pulled away from their grip and walked over to the first door I came across. Opening it, I saw a girl hunched over the toilet seat, puking her guts up. Yuck! I closed it quickly before the smell reached my nostrils. Otherwise, I would end up in the same position as the girl in there. I continued opening every door I came across, hoping to find Ash somewhere but I never seemed to. Behind every door I opened, there seemed to be a couple having sex. I never understood why people do that when they are drunk. I understand the lust will take over, but would you really want to have sex with a guy just because you're drunk? I'd hate to be a drunken mistake, even if I didn't fancy the guy. Pushing the thoughts out of head, I grabbed the door handle to the last door and opened it. What I saw made me freeze.

Ash. Joe. Naked. Those words seemed to flow through my brain as I took in the scene in front of me. Ash and Joe, having sex. Two people who both meant the world to me going against all the girl codes. Do not have sex with someone you know your friend loves. I guess that rule doesn't apply to Ash. I stood there in the doorway, feeling my heart break with every tick of the clock that hung on the wall. It felt like my heart was ripped from my chest and my stomach was churning painfully and the tears were threatening to fall.

After the initial shock wore off, I felt anger. I felt anger like I had never felt it before. I knew I had to break them both up at some point, so I decided to get it over with.

'Hello' I spoke, making them both spring off each other instantly at the sound of my voice. They didn't expect to see me, the shock was clear on both their faces. There eyes were wide and non of them spoke. It took a few seconds for them to speak, talking about how sorry they were and it was a mistake. I shook my head of their excuses and ran out the door and back down the stairs. People looked at me as I ran past them, the tears now spilling freely from my face.  

I reached the front door and opened it. From now on, I wouldn't be the girl that let people walk all over her. I'd be confident in myself. Not shy, innocent Sarah. That girl was gone as of tonight. Now, I was confident.  

I would get my revenge, I thought as I walked away.

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