lashauna has had a rough life and then she met Zayn she didnt care that he was famous


13. what does it matter to you.

Lashauna's POV

So,whats the big news that you had to tell us in person Louis said.ok lashauna do u want to tell them or you want me to tell them. zayn, you tell them. Lashauna is pregnant zayn one says anything for a couple of seconds. then Niall walks out and slams the door out. whats wrong with Niall Liam asked im gonna go talk to him. ok zayn said. i grab my coat and walk out the door. niall is standing there no coat and no shoes. Niall you're gonna get sick out here with no shoes or coat. what does it matter to you.niall stop acting like that now come on.Niall grabs your wrist and turns u and kisses you u kiss back. then you pull away. you see Zayn standing there his eyes are watery. ZAYN, its not what it looks looks like you just kissed Niall. zayn said zayn walks back inside and up the stairs.

Zayn's POV

I was inside with the boys, that was really weird what niall did Harry said i know u dont think that he is mad. mad? why would he be mad? idk maybe he likes gonna go check on lashauna and Niall .i put my shoes on.then i go outside i see the most upseting thing ever lashauna and niall kissing. Lashauna pulls away then she sees me. i can feel my eyes watering up.she said that its not what it looks like. i was feeling like my heart was ripped out of my heart. is this what lashauna felt like when i cheated on her. i quickly walk back inside then i ran up the stairs and slammed the door and locked it.

Niall's POV

what have i just done i kissed lashauna then she pulled away and now Zayn is broken hearted he thinks that Lashauna cheated on him. Lashauna sliddes down the wall and i sitting on her butt. She is crying, lashauna dont cry its my fault zayn will understand come let go inside its freezing out here and its snowing. she gets up her eyes are red and puffy.the boys look at lashauna then me. whats the matter lashauna? Louis asked lashauna. i take the boys into the kitchen leaving lashauna in the living room. whats  wrong with lashauna. why did Zayn run up the stairs and slam the door louis,liam and harry asked. the reason i went outside was becuase i like Lashauna and she was trying to make me come back insde then i grabbed her wriste and pulled her over to me and i KISSED HER.then zayn came outside she pulled away. YOU DID WHAT. Louis asked me basically yelling at me. i kissed her. zayn thinks she kissed me first thats why he ran up the stairs and lashauna was crying becuase she doesnt want zayn to leave her.


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