lashauna has had a rough life and then she met Zayn she didnt care that he was famous


7. tell the boys

You got back home and sat in bed, just staring at the text. He loves me. I love Zayn. Zayn loves me. "Lashauna! Come down here?" You got up and walked down the stairs. The living room was filled with rose petals, teddy bears, and a game of scrabble. "Zayn? All this for a game of scrabble?" "Come on, just one game!" You sat down on the couch and looked at your letters. Your letters spelled out I love you with a ring on the end. You looked up at Zayn and he grabbed the ring real fast. "Lashauna, I love you. I've only loved you. I know I've made mistake and I'm sorry. You're my one and only. And I only want you." "Yes Zayn, of course!" He grabbed you and kissed you. "I love you Lashauna." "And I love you Zayn." He slipped the ring on your finger and said, "Let's tell the boys." "Wait."

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