lashauna has had a rough life and then she met Zayn she didnt care that he was famous


5. said that he didn't know me

All you could hear is directioners screaming. They knew who you were, so when you kissed him and he said he didn't knew you. That was just, pure hell for them. Niall was on top of Zayn, just hitting and hitting. You let go of the guards grip and ran over to him. "Niall, Stop it! He's knocked out!"" Niall was mad. and I mean mad. "Lashauna, I'm I'm sorry. I don't know what happened." The guards came and tried grabbing me again. Niall stepped up and said, "She's with me." An ambulance had came and took Zayn. You were right behind the ambulance. You got to the hospital and ran to the front desk. "Zayn Malik, I'm his girlfriend. What room number?" "206" You ran off. Elevators are too slow. You ran up the stairs to find him. You ran into his room. harry and Liam were already there. "Lashauna! There you are! Zayn wants to talk to you." Niall said followed by a hug. Liam came over over whispered, "He's really sorry Lashauna." You nodded and walked to Zayn. The boys left and you said hey. "Lashauna, I love you. I'm sorry." "Zayn, I don't know..." Harry got up an down on one knee. "Lashauna.."

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