lashauna has had a rough life and then she met Zayn she didnt care that he was famous


2. its over

*Three Days Later*

It's been three says since you saw Zayn. Yeah, he texted and tried calling but you didn't feel like moving. You were an emotional wreck. You heard the door open and foot prints. Had I left the door unlocked? Niall opened the door and started yelling, "What the hell is wrong with you Lashauna?!Zayn hasn't talked since YOU broke his heart!" " He said he hated me!" "Oh yeah, like you think he meant it? It's bad enough that my best friends broke up, but that you tried killing yourself? What were you thinking?!" "I wasn't! Gosh. Why aren't you yelling at him!?" "Because he thinks you're dead!" Dead? How did that come in his head? "What? How-" " The last thing you sent to him was a picture of your cut wrists and saying you were ready to die. Then you stopped texting everyone all together. Lashauna, I was in tears coming down here! Come on, we're going to go see Zayn !" "Okay.." You slipped on a jacket and sweatpants. The ride to his house was silent. You stepped out and saw Zayn with some one else. Is that his sister? No, they were holding hands and he kissed her cheek. Your body stopped working. You fell to your knees and sobbed. Niall ran to then. " What the hell Zayn! I bring Lashauna over to prove she isn't dead and you're already with another girl?" "Niall, I though she was dead!" Zayn pushed his over over to you and wrapped his arms around you. " Get off of me!" You broke free of his grip and locked yourself in the back of the car. Niall had came and started driving.

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