lashauna has had a rough life and then she met Zayn she didnt care that he was famous


10. It's her or the band


Now, post on Twitter saying you're single, BOTH OF YOU NOW!" "Paul, tell us what's wrong!" Zayn asked, grabbing you, pulling you closer. " We were at an all time high when y'all were broken up! Now I'm giving you until tomorrow . It's her or the band." Paul left, you were squeezing his hand, crying. "Lashauna, stop. Don't cry. I'm not going to do it." "Zayn, if it's for the band.. Then-" "Lashauna, no. I'm choosing you." You sighed. "Okay." You fell asleep instantly.

*The Next Morning*

You woke up alone, and found a note on the table,

"Dear Mrs. Malik, I've gone to an emergency meeting to tell them I choose you & to tell them I'm engaged to you. I love you beautiful - Zayn xx." You decided you wanted to make something to eat, you grabbed some Lucky Charms and put it in the bowl with some milk. You had eaten that with some toast, and about 30 minutes later, your stomach was hurting. You ran to the bathroom and puked. Zayn had gotten home and walked into the bathroom, "Lashauna, are you okay?" "Yes, just some bad bread." "Lashauna, I just bought the bread..." " What are you thinking..?" "You could be pregnant.." "WHAT."

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