Power Through

Lyra Lilleth Myra Cassette is an eighteen year old girl who was born in the year 3051. But it's not all future-y and stuff. There is a war bigger than the World Wars 1 and 2 put together. Her mother says it is not safe for her to stay in Canada while Europe, USA, China, Australia and Africa are attacking. So she has to leave. She is one of the only rich left and has futuristic stuff, like her AirPad , wich is like and Ipad but a million times better, and has the power to project games in the air, and transport you to any place or thing in the world, plus a million other features. She takes it with her, and also her beloved week old brown Tabby kittens, KK short for Kingston and Tabby short for Tabatha.

Read to find out the rest.


2. Power Through Chapter Two

I finally got up and walked around the small, cold room. It was empty except for a small bed and an old dresser. I walked to the dresser and leaned against it. It slid backwards and I quickly stood up. I saw a cut patch of wall and I pushed it. It opened up and a black leather bound diary slid out. I opened it and found the pages to be blank. I chucked it against the wall, thinking it useless, but quickly retrieved. I found a pen in my bag and I scribbled down the date. Then I wrote

War- Classified as War of the Worlds, bigger than World War 1 and 2 combined. Reason is because Australia and Canada rose a disagrement about the wildlife. The Aussies thought it should be taken from Canada to Australaia because we don't take care of it. We thought we should keep ours. Then other countries got involved and a war began.

From Canada there is an equal amount of electronics and people fighting.

We (Canada) have the slight adavantage because we know our land and we are luring the other countries to USA where we have soldiers waiting to help and the other people don't know that.

So far, on the twelth day, Canada has most soldiers fighting, but the Aussies are gaining more, so we are going fast to the USA.

The war is predicted to be the biggest one yet and larger than all known wars combined.

We have the best hospital system because we have the most advanced technology and nurses and doctors combined.

I closed the diary and put it away. I quickly ran out of the cabin and to the steering cabin. I clicked a few things on the steering electronic and the ship was soon back at the dock we had left from.

I made sure I had the cats and I charged for the hospital site. I ran up and said to the head nurse "Can I be a nurse? I am qualified." The nurse shook her head and I walked away. I grabbed my AirPad and typed "Middle of War of the Worlds" I was transported to the middle of it all and I spun up a force barrier around myself. I opened the cat carrier and let out KK and Tabby. They ran out of the force feild and they went to opposite sides. The soldiers stopped and marveled at the little cats. "See? We have plenty of healthy, safe wildlife here. So why the war? We can take care of it all. So trust us." I said. A bunch of Canadians nodded in agreement and there were murmurs of surprise from Aussies an France's people.

I sighed in contentment. This thing might actually be over.




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