Power Through

Lyra Lilleth Myra Cassette is an eighteen year old girl who was born in the year 3051. But it's not all future-y and stuff. There is a war bigger than the World Wars 1 and 2 put together. Her mother says it is not safe for her to stay in Canada while Europe, USA, China, Australia and Africa are attacking. So she has to leave. She is one of the only rich left and has futuristic stuff, like her AirPad , wich is like and Ipad but a million times better, and has the power to project games in the air, and transport you to any place or thing in the world, plus a million other features. She takes it with her, and also her beloved week old brown Tabby kittens, KK short for Kingston and Tabby short for Tabatha.

Read to find out the rest.


1. Power Through Chapter One

I kissed my mom before last minute packing. I ran upstairs and grabbed my black messenger bag and put my AirPad in it. Then I put my to favourite books in and my emerency phone. I also shoved in tabby cat stuffed animal. I put on my good luck charm necklace and tucked it under my blue, white and grey turtleneck. I pulled my black boots over my black fuzzy pants and put on my light black sweater, and then my black trench coat. I buttoned it up and and wrapped my scarf the matches my turtleneck around my neck and put on my cozy black hat. You might think I'm goth or punk because of all the black, but you are wrong. I am wearing black because It blends in well with the dark streets. My light orange hair was in a bun and I had my wool bureau-looking hat over top of it. I had two brown tabby kittens, that were the size of the palm of my hand. I sat on my bed and picked them up. I put on their black wool dress-coat thingys and gently put them in my pocket and did up the outside buttons, so they had a tiny hole, but would not fall out. I found my black gloves. They were the kind that have half-finger gloves and a full glove on the thumb, and a flap that you could pull over the rest of the fingers. I put them on and decided to put my leg warmers on. I took my boots off. Then I pulled on my leg warmers over all the pant leg that would be showing once my boots were on. Then I put my boots back on and walked downstairs. I kissed and hugged my mom again and she added something to me. She had a black masquerade mask that was full face and fuzzy on the inside, so I put that on to keep my face warm. She pulled off my gloves and put a very skinny layer on me, then put the other ones on. She tucked my black wool mittens in my bag, just in case. She put the wool hats she had made on my kittens and hugged me a final time. As I left she tucked more food into my bag and handed me a little package.

I walked closer to the ship and found a grove of bushes. I sat in the middle of them and opened the package. It was her wedding ring. I hugged it tight against my masked face and put it in the package, then in a little wooden lockable box I had. I put it in my messenger bag, and attached it to the bag with a chain. I stood up and walked closer and closer to the ship. I saw th sea gleaming and walked along the edge. I heard a loud BANG and felt whirling wind. A plane flew down, and out came someone from Europe. They lunged at me and I dived out of the way quickly. I saw the ship staring to leave and as I ran to it. I zipped up my messenger bag fully and attached it to my belt. I took the kitties out of my pocket and secured them in a zip up pocket of my bag. I knew they could breathe so I didn't worry. I reached the dock edge and ran the last bit. When I was about to fall in the water, I flipped in mid air and landed on the ship.

When I was on, I went into the warmest cabin, that had a sign that said 'reserved for Lyra Cassette'.I found a tiny cat carrier that was jut big eneugh for them. It had no openings, but there was a strong glass window with a new futuristic force barrier. I put them in it and closed it. I looped it tightly to my belt and sat on the bed. This will be a long two years. I thought.

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