President For a Day

This is for the president for a day comp. It is about a women in her early twenties who decides to get in the elections for president. She is the only person running against Obama and she has a doubt of herself winning. But guess what!?


1. President For a Day and Laws, Laws, Laws.

I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. Finally I walked into the building and made myself serious. I was the new President of USA! I calmed and walked into my new office. I started on the first thing I wanted to do; make a law that kids in school could choose Movellas as a course and could be potentials for publishing. I found some paper and sat down. I grabbed a pen and in my neatest writing wrote the law. I called someone in when I was finished and they collecetd the law after I signed it.

The next day my law had been passed and kids everywhere in the USA were taking Movellas as a course in school. I tidied my office and started another law. This one was that no one could have bomb or neuclear weapons, and if they ever needed some they came to me and I had to sign them permission and grant them a cetain amount, and they were hooked a video camera to each weapon so we could track them if we needed to. I made sure there were no loopholes and called for my assistant, Mirie. I signed the law and gave it to her. In the next few hours we were having people lined up and we deactivated the weapons.

I had many more laws to make.

A/N: Now will pretty much only be a list of laws and the President, Skylar, getting rid of things that disobey her new laws.

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