December Forest

One cold, December morning, Jayne Forest heard a loud knock on her front door. At age 13, this day will change her life forever. She is faced with the fact that she may never see her friends in Brunswick, Maine again and a horrible but amazing event that will lead her to a forest of confusion and falling in love. Read to find out how one normal day can change your life and the future.


1. Escape

Jaynes P.O.V
One morning, Jayne Forest, heard a loud knock on her door.
As I went down stairs I heard yelling, my brother rushed up to me and whispered a simply word that had a whole life's preparations behind it, "Escape." I ran in my room and grabbed my bag beginning to stuff certain, important things into the faded duffel bag. It was December, with a freezing chill, that could stop a heart in its tracks. The snowfall here in Brunswick, Maine made it harder for me to climb out my window and get in my brother, Daniels, car. With the look on his face I knew I had taken longer then planned. THEY had come by much surprise and I didn't see my parents anywhere, although your not suppose to know where spys are. So many things were rushing through my head, the five hour drive to my aunt Carols seemed like only an hour.
The room was cold and dark, it was to be mine for as long as we stayed here at Carols. It had taken me about half an hour to finally get everything dusted off. I began to unpack my things, first my stereo which I turned on One Direction, and then the rest of my clothes and other miscellaneous items I had grabbed when I had rushed out my room. Although, I had unpacked and dusted, the room still looked like one where a person in a scary movie would hear a noise and stupidly go in. At aunt Carol's log house you could hear anything, which made it easier for me to hear the growing conversation downstairs. I was only able to catch parts of sentences from Carol " How long?", and from Daniel"our parents" and then Carol mentioned the word I most dreaded most "school."
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