The Band That Never Existed

Eeeek! I'm so excited for this fanfic 'cause I have so many great ideas planned.
Our 5 sexy boys are in it..(Niall, Lou, Harry, Zayn and Liam) and It's going to be based on how this girl named Lilly Fitzgerald loves 1D, which most of us do. And one day she wakes up to find that no one knows anything about them and that they were never formed on the X-Factor. So it's her job to help humanity and get the boys together!


3. The Truth

"Where are you taking me?" I start to say but then Harry stops in front of me.

"Well look for yourself." He says. I look around his shoulder to find a big garbage pile.

"You want me to look in that?!?" I scream at him.

"Well just look at this" He says pulling out a piece of cardboard that said, 'Take Me Home' on it.

"Omigosh! Its One Directions new album stand!!.. but why isn't it inside?" I asked confused. Harry turns to me and says, ".. you.. you still remember?" "

"Of course I do!! But why would you ask that?" I question  him. He says, "Well, no one exactly remembers One Direction because everyones mind was washed.. I guess we are the only two that remember who we were.."

"So let me get this straight, you're Harry from One Direction?" I ask. "Yes.. well i was in One Direction." "Omi.. wow!!" I Scream giving him a hug.

"Will You help me?" He asks me. " Yes of course!! With what?" I ask excidedly.. I couldn't control myself when talking to Harry...

"Help me bring the band back together."

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