The Band That Never Existed

Eeeek! I'm so excited for this fanfic 'cause I have so many great ideas planned.
Our 5 sexy boys are in it..(Niall, Lou, Harry, Zayn and Liam) and It's going to be based on how this girl named Lilly Fitzgerald loves 1D, which most of us do. And one day she wakes up to find that no one knows anything about them and that they were never formed on the X-Factor. So it's her job to help humanity and get the boys together!


1. The Day.

"So happy, today One Directions new album comes out! Lalalala." Lilly sings to herself while running down  the stairs. "Mum and Dad! Guess what today is? I've been talking about it all week, you should know what it is!" She asks excitedly.

"I'm sorry hun, but what is it?" her mom answers.

"Tell me your kidding.. right? One Directions new album comes out today! Refresh your memory a little?" she informs her mom very annoyed.

"Sweetie... who's One Direction?" My dad asks.

"Ohmigod.. stop pretending you don't know who they are!!!" Lily yells running back to her room. " My god. I hate when they do that, atleast Jade will know what I'm talking about." she says to herself pulling out her phone. Jade is Lilly's best directioner friend. They both absolutely love One Direction.

Lilly: Hey hey!

Jade: Hey Lilly!

Lilly: My parents are so vain.. haha I mean Zayn.

Jade: Why? And Zayn? Zayn who?

Lilly: That's exactly the reason why! Both you and my parents are pretending that they don't know who One Direction is! You and I have been having a countdown for "Take Me Home" since we've heard about it!

Jade: Haha that's silly, why is it One Direction.. no one ever goes "One Direction" it's not possible. "Take Me Home??"

Lilly: You are being so annoying! ahh! I'm leaving this chat room.. GOOD BYE!  


"I guess I will just drive myself to get the Cd myself then!" Lilly screams to herself.


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