Summer Love

Mia and her Best friend Abbie Go to Abbies beach house for a whole summer but when they go down to they beach they meet 5 boys and one of the boys have feelings for Mia but what wll Mia say................


4. What is going on

That night Mia went to bed early she just didnt feel right.

In the morning Abbie wanted to take Mia shoppinng just to get her mind off things so as they got in the car and arrived at the mall they went from this shop to that shop so after about an hour they went to get a hot chocolate so they got a table and Abbie went to order as Mia was sitting there Niall happened to spot Mia and went to talk to her just to sought things out so he went to the talble he sat down and looked into Mia's beautiful blue eyes but Mia looked away Niall tryed to make a convo with her but nothing was working until he dicided to just speack up and work things out

Niall P.O.V

ok im going to work things out NOW

"OK so what happened at the beach i really have feelings for you i can't stop thinking about you and your beautiful blond hair and blue eyes please can you reply to me i really need to know"

Mia P.O.V

OMG he was real he really ment it

"well i really like you too but we just met so i dont know"


So they just sat there untill Niall replyed he said well lets just be friends for the moment and Mia aggred and then Niall had to go juat as Abbie came........


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