Summer Love

Mia and her Best friend Abbie Go to Abbies beach house for a whole summer but when they go down to they beach they meet 5 boys and one of the boys have feelings for Mia but what wll Mia say................


3. Love is in the air

Sure so the girls and the boys stode up and started to play vollieball as it got late Niall pulled Mia away and they sat down together Niall was talking to Mia and asking questions about herself and so was Mia

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey Mia i know we just met but i think i have feelsing for you"

what do i think im doing hy would a girl like that like me an ugly mess

Mia's P.O.V

OMG he has feelings for me like really out of all the girls he chose me

"Wow I-I-I i think we have to go Abbie come on lets go"

How stupid of me i really like him what am i doing


So the girls went back to the beach house and on the way Abbie was very confused so when they got home Abbie was asking Mia all these questions but Mia didnt answer

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