Summer Love

Mia and her Best friend Abbie Go to Abbies beach house for a whole summer but when they go down to they beach they meet 5 boys and one of the boys have feelings for Mia but what wll Mia say................


5. Is it alright or not

When Abbie came over she was wondering why Niall was there so Mia explained to her why Niall came over and why they left the beach so after that they finished there hot chocolates and then then headed back home,

That night Niall and the boys came over to the beach house and asked the girls if they wanted to have a movie night and of course they girls said yes so they got changed and headed over to the boys beach house. They watched 3 movies the seating argument went Liam Harry and Zayn on 1 couch then Louise and Abbie cuddling each other then it was Mia and Niall cuddling how cute.

At about mid night the movies ended and all of them were asleep.

In the morning Liam Harry and Zayn were up early making breakfast for everyone by the time Abbie and Louise got up the 3 boys had already had breakfast Niall and Mia were still asleep Liam Harry Zayn Louise and Abbie were looking at Mia and Niall and they were all saying how cute or they would be a good couple.        

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