Summer Love

Mia and her Best friend Abbie Go to Abbies beach house for a whole summer but when they go down to they beach they meet 5 boys and one of the boys have feelings for Mia but what wll Mia say................


1. Summer never ends

Mia and Abbie were packing for a whole summer at Abbies beach house they were so exited so as they finished packing Mia and Abbie went down stairs hopped in to the car and got ready for a 2 hour road trip. While they were driving they were calling there freinds, played games in the car and laughed all the way to the beach house.When they got there it was about 2:00 in the afternoon so they girls unpacked and then just relaxed. That night the girls were watching movies and then dicided to go to bed.

In the morning the girls were sleepy heads they woke up at 10:30 in the morning but after breackfast they dicided to go down to the beach. As they got down there they went into the water for half an hour splashing water and having so much fun when they got out hey dryed there self of and just sat down on the sand talking when suddenly a vollieball hit Mia on the head she turned around and saw a handsome guy come running at her he stopped and bent down next to her and he asked her if she was ok Mia said she ws fine but the that boy intruduced himself his name was Niall Horan and then he intruduced his friends Liam , Louise , Harry and Zayn Mia and Abbie intuduced themself too and then the boys asked the girls if they wanted to play vollieball with them the girls said............    

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