Position Vacant

Ode to a lost internet friendship


1. Position Vacant

You strode into my life and into my space

Like King of the World


We built a palace from strong and shining words

Tall and true it stood, forty stories high

Glittering in the sunlight, beautiful and grand

It was going to last forever


When did I notice the cracks?

I can barely remember

That's nature for you

What she gives, she takes away


I smashed it up in my anger and sorrow

To find it had been built on sand

The walls were smoke

And you, already gone


No tears of mine will mend the shards

Of what is left

I hurt you, you hurt me

The game became a war, fought to the death


So, what now, oh great one?

It's time for me to face the future

Let it take a new shape

Let the wounds heal and find someone new



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