Forbidden love

Ebonia Williams lives in a world overun by evil vampires. They stole her home and killed her family, so what will she do when she starts to fall in love with the very thing she hates?


1. Begininngs

"Ebonia, I can hear them coming!"

"Shut up Sam!"

Hacking a vampire computer is hard enough, even when your on your own, but it's doubly hard when your little brother is yapping in your ear.

"We need to go, Eb!"

"Shut up! I'm working!"

Studying the massive hunk of technology before me, i tried to figure out where i could put the USB memory stick. The thing was so big!

"What are you even doing?"

"I'm loading a virus on it, what does it look like?"

"It looks like you don't know what you're doing."

"Shut up!"

He was probably right, but i wasn't going to let him know that he was. Things like that go straight to his head. I finally found the USB drive and put the memory stick in. It took a couple of seconds to download.

"180 seconds before self destruct sequence initiates."

"Is it meant to do that Eb?" Sam asked.

What a stupid question.

"Of course it is, idiot!" I snarled at him "That's what the memory stick is for!"

Elsewhere in the building, the intruder alarm sounded. They knew we were here.

"Run!" I shouted, taking Sam's hand.

We encountered our first vampire soon enough, prowling the west wing in search of food. It's blood red eyes studied us for a second, before pouncing with lightning fast speed. Behind me, Sam screamed.                                                                                                        

Time slowed down for a second, and in that second i had just enough time to reach for my gun and pull the trigger. 

"120 seconds before self destruct sequence initiates."

Stepping over the body, we carried on running. Alarm bells and orders were coming from the speakers, with half of them telling the vampires to kill us and half of them telling the vampires to disable the self destruct sequence.

"60 seconds before self destruct sequence initiates."

From the sounds of things, they weren't doing very well with either. 

As we rounded the last corner and were heading towards the exit , the orders changed. The vampires had realised that they couldn't stop the place from blowing up, so they changed their tactics.

"Stop them! Stop them from ever escaping!" The harsh voice of the commander shrieked.

Just what we needed. 

The exit was in sight, only a few metres away but as we neared it, so did the vampires.

"Sam! Open the door! I'll fight them off"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Now go!"

Sam obediently did, so i turned my attention to the vampires. 

The first one tried to grab me by the waist, but I sidestepped out of the way and shot him in the head. The second one wasted no time in trying to grab me and went straight for my neck. Fortunately these vampires were relying purely on instincts instead of actual training, so it was quite easy to wrestle him off. 

"It's open!" Sam yelled from behind me.

"30 seconds before self destruct sequence initiates."

"Go!" I shouted pushing him through the door.

We were only just outside the gates when the place exploded. The sound of it could have probably been heard from miles away and we were almost deafened by the noise. We stood there for ages, just watching the flames.

"Come on," I said "We need to get home."








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