From Songs to Short Pieces

I've just gonna do random songs and turn them into short pieces. P.s if there's a song you think I could do that would be awesome, comment it below.


1. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift

How could I forgot him? He was everything to me. I still remember the look on his face, when the lights in the sky exploded. The bright colour swirling around us, illuminating his gorgeous face. That was a perfect night. Wrapped in his arms, his warm breath on my neck. But now I have to live knowing that I won't feel his breath again, or have him press his lips onto mine. I'll never have the luxury again. And that's what it was to me, a pleasureful indulgence. His name was on my lips, like he had imprinted onto me. For eternity.


I couldn't do anything, I just felt worthless. How could he just end it? And why then? I needed him more than ever. I just curled up in the corner, in his old plaid shirt he left behind. That's all I have left of him, that and the memories. I still remember how he used to almost skip in the rain. I swear sometimes, I can still taste the rain water on tongue. But I know it's just my imagination. But now...


I can't go near him anymore, not without wanting to run up to him and kiss him. But I guess I have to just watch his life on Facebook, like how I used to watch him sleep. He looked so innocent when he slept. I bet he's already forgetting me, like how he used to breath his warm air onto me. I never imagined it would end like this.


I never thought we'd have our Last Kiss...

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