The Boy Next Door

The title explains itself


3. Summer Break

     Being new in town really sucks because I don't know anyone but my neighbor. He is the sweetest guy ever. I haven't thought of a guy since I've been hurt. I really want to ask him if he wants to hang out. The only problem is that I am really shy. I want to get to know Michael. 

~Later that Day~ 

I walk over to Michael's house and see if he wants to hang out. He invites me in and we start to talk about stuff we like. I ask him what he does all the time and he says " I play video games and talk to people on facebook." "Thats cool. I do a lot of reading and sunbathing." We start talking about random things. I ask " Do you have a girlfriend??" He says "I'm starting to like this one person but I don't know if she likes me. Do you have a boyfriend??" "No. My last boyfriend cheated on me and hurt me." said Bella. He said that he was sorry that is happened to me and that he would never let anyone do that to me. "Will you go out with me??" Michael asked. " Well I want to go out with you but what would the other girl think about it??" I ask. "I have to confess something the other girl is you. I really like you; ever since the first time I met you I knew that there was something special about you. So what do you say??" says Michael. I sit there thinking about it and I realize that I should give him a change because we feel the same way about each other. "Yes I will go out with you. Just promise not to break my heart." I tell him so sternly. He promised me that he would never do that to me and that he will stay with me as long as I want him to. 

~A Week Before School Starts~

        He comes over and asks if I am home and my parents say that I will be down in a minute. I come down and tell my parents where I am going. We go on a date and we talk about school and other things. I ask him what school is like and he says it is like a normal school but way easier. We sit there talking about what my old school was like. I told him that teachers give us pop quizes and a lot of homework. He said here that there is no pop quizes and not a lot of homework. We start to get ready for our date. He is taking me to "La Casa Grande". Its a mexican restaurant that I have never heard of. I order tacos and fried ice cream (which is for dessert), he gets a taco bowl and we both drink Mt. Dew. When the fried ice cream gets here I give him a bite and he loves it, then he gives me a bite. After our date we go to a park and hang out. After a while we start to make out and cuddle. His kisses are so amazing and sexy. We go back to his house because his parents are not there. We go to his room. We kiss some more. "Bella?" he asks. "Yes babe?" I say to him. "Have you ever had sex?" he asks so calmly. "No I say, but I'm ready." I reply. "Are you sure??" He is questing me. "Yes. I only want you and only you. I love you Michael!!" I say. He looks at me because I was the first to say "I love you". He looks me in the eyes and says "Bella Thorn I love you too. I will always love you, no matter what." We start to kiss more and more. He starts to undress me and kiss me down my body. I start to undress him and kiss him to turn him on. We start to have sex. We didn't care if we used a condom or not. We want a child. We love each other so much. After about 20 minutes we stop because we heard his parents out in the garage. We get dressed and hurry in to the living room and act like we were watching t.v. the whole time. His parents walk in and say hi and that they are going to bed for the night. We wait till we hear that they are gone and make out some more. Then he walks me home and says that he will see me tomorrow. I say good night and sweet dreams to him and that I love him so much and tonight couldn't have been better. He said that he tries to make every moment amazing and worth ever ounce of love he has. 

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