The Boy Next Door

The title explains itself


1. 1 Moving In

We were moving from Las Vegas, Nevada and moving to Washington, Iowa. It is my mother Essany, my father Skeeter, and me Bella Thorn. I've lived in Vegas my whole life and I am scared to death about moving to Iowa. Its summer break and I am spending it moving. 

Dreaming [~dreaming] in the Car~

        I'm waling down a long hallway. I see him standing there waiting for me. He is calling my name. I don't know him. How does he know my name???? I start to run away from him but I just get closer and closer to him. I can see him but not his face. He smell is so intoxicating. If only I could see his face. He looks so perfect. Why is he in my dreams?? I've seen him before in my other dreams and now he is here again. What does he want?? Is he a ghost?? 

Before I get any answers my mother wakes me up because she has to use the bathroom and wants to know if I need anything. I tell her no that I am fine. I sit there in the car and try to figure out what just happened. My mom comes out with drinks and snacks, like she always does. She claims she wants to be "prepared". So we get back on the road because it is a 22 hour drive without stopping. My mom and I are taking turns driving so we dont have to stop and get a room. My dad is already there he left the day before to get a head start on unpacking so we can rest when we get there. We are about 20 minutes from our house and we need to stop for gas. I'm sitting here like "Are you fucking kidding me?" Its 1 am and we are getting gas and calling my dad to see if the beds are ready yet. We get to the house and get the things that we need for the night. We go to our rooms and crash. 

~The Next Day~

        Its 10 am and I am just waking up. My parents have already been moving things around. I get up and ask to go out for breakfast. My parents say yes. So we go out to " R & B's" a small restaurant. They have a wide verity of food. I get pancakes, eggs, bacon, orange juice, and toast. My parents just get omelets and coffee. We get back to our house and start unpacking. I decorate my room like it was in Vegas. I asked my mom if i could paint my room but she said not now. As I am listening to my music my mom knocks on my door. She wants me to meet the neighbor that came over to introduce himself. I come down and see that he has the most beautiful eyes ever. His name is Michael. He is a junior in high school and just turned 17. He says that school doesn't start till Aug. 22. He is really sweet and my parents like him. He is a country bumpkin. After he leave my parents are like 'You should date him. He's so cute.' I scream at my parents because they know that I have had only one true love and he broke my heart by cheating on me with my best friend. I go to my room and cry. I missed Chris and my parents aren't making the situation any better. We have unpacked all that we need for now. I go to my room and get on the internet. I check my facebook and I have 1 message and it is from Chris. He says that he wishes that he never messed up and he wants me to move back. I reply "I gave you my heart and you took it for granted. I still love you and I cant stand what you did to me. I'm moving on. BYE." I get off the internet and call it a night. 

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