Ties that Bind

Taylor's mom has recently died of cancer and she never knew her dad. When she moves to San Fransisco for a job she believes her boss is also her dad. She meets new friends, relatives, and most importantly she meets Harry Styles. She doesnt know what to think of him, she has always had issues since college. Will Taylor let go of her fears and believe him or will she let him slip out of her fingers forever. *One Direction are not famous in this story.


10. Together Again


My next hazy moments off awareness were of being the topic of conversation."Lauralee said she left the day before yesterday,she got hung up in New York." Harry was telling them. When had he talked to her." Poor thing she's been up for 2 days" I think Jill murmued." She loves you Hary dont mess this up" Sarah ordered. Really Did I love him? " Really you think she loves me?" Harry seemed to read my thoughts. "Oh come on she spent nearly two days on a plane to sit in a hospital with you what do you think?" Gabriel had a point. Someone's phone chirped softly and it gave me the excuse to wake up. When my eyes met Harry's, I couldn't help but blush. I ducked my head into his shoulder but not fast enough. I realized he knew I was awake for the conversation."Even if they are right that doesn't mean I'm any less neurotic, you know" I whispered in his ear" I'm still perfectly capable of flipping out.""I'll take my chances" he turned his head to look at me. The doctor came out then to say she came through the surgery fine. "Alright you kids go get some food. I'll wait here" Garrett ordered. "No way Da" Gabriel shook his head"Sarah and I will wait here." I was happy to stretch my legs. "When was the last time you ate." Harry eyed me. "I had pizza with the girls the night before I left" I frowned. "come on then let's get some food in you" he held my elbow. "Taylor" Harry stopped suddenly halfway down the hallway."yes" I bumped into him. "I love you" his arms caught my waistand he leaned in towards me." I love you too" I admitted and tthen he stole a quick kiss. I felt human again with some food in my belly. When it was time to meet his mum he tugged me right into her room. He released my hand long enough to kiss his mum tenderly."I want you to introduce me to this American beauty by your side." his mum said."It's nice to meet you ma'am I'm glad your surgery went well." I felt bolstered by Harry's tough. Even fresh out of surgery I could see she was the type of woman with a natural beauty. One by one, the boys filed back by to kiss their mother's cheek before being shood out by their father. "I dont have a hotel  I wasn't sure where I should stay." I told Harry as we reached the car. "You're making me dizzy with this sudden turn around" he crooked his arm around my neck and kissed the top of my head. "I'm glad you came" he reached out to stroke my cheek "me too". I tilted my face into his hand. "We're here this is my parents house." he announced. "I grew up here" he slid out from behind the wheel and came around to open my door but I'd beat him to it."You make it very difficult to be a gentlemen" he accused"Sorry" I shrugged. "Come on let's get you set up in the guest room" he grinned "do you still have a room here....I'd like to see it I mean not stay in it or anything." I blushed "Of course not" I could tell he was biting the inside of his lip to keep from laughing. we'd climbed a flight of stairs and he opened the door to a small room that I would call a disaster. "How do you function." I marveled. He ignored the question, choosing to instead study me in silence."Now that you've seen my room can I feed you dinner or do you ust want to sleep." he said after awhile. "Sleep actually shower then sleep." I answered instantly." I can arrange that,come on" he held out his hands for me. The shower felt delicious and my cotton pajamas felt even better."You get some rest we'll go back to the hospital after breakfast." he went to kiss my forehead."Stay hold me while I sleep" I caught his hand.I couldn't explain why but I was suddenly near panic at the thought of him leaving. He nodded once, kicked his shoes off and climbed in bed. The warmth of his embrace quickly put me into a deep sleep.  I woke up the next morning and was aware of 2 things. First, harry was no longer beside me and second, someone was making bacon. I quickly dressed and scurried downstairs. He looked up when I entered, I wanted to throw myself into his arms and greet him with a passionate kiss. Instead I offered a soft hello."Goodmorning" he finished serving up the eggs in a skillet,setting it aside so could grab me for just a kiss."When did you abadon me" was the first coherant thought I could voice."Only to make breakfast" he promised"not that you noticed you were fast asleep." "sorry" I blushed accepting my plate."Dont be I'm glad you got some rest.""thanks for breakfast""it's the least I could do the plan is to be at the hospital all day." he looked apologetic"I hadn't planned on sightseeing, you are coming back to San Francisco right?" a touch of panic laced my voice. "Absolutely" he must have sensed my panic, because his voice became soothing and he stopped eating to take my hand and place a kiss on the back of it"you are completely and totally stuck with me now.""But you'll be staying for a while" I guessed. "A while I want to make sure mum is okay""I understand" I nodded. I mulled over that for a minute. 2 months I could handle that. We ate the rest of our breakfast and were soon on the way to the hospital.

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