Ties that Bind

Taylor's mom has recently died of cancer and she never knew her dad. When she moves to San Fransisco for a job she believes her boss is also her dad. She meets new friends, relatives, and most importantly she meets Harry Styles. She doesnt know what to think of him, she has always had issues since college. Will Taylor let go of her fears and believe him or will she let him slip out of her fingers forever. *One Direction are not famous in this story.


2. New coworker

The next day at work all the boys said I looked tired so I told them about the mysterious guy and the photo gallory. At that exact moment Paul decided to come into our offices and said "Harry had a photo gallery last night and decided he would start his job earlier than planned." Just then the subject of our topic walks in and my jaw drops, thats the guy I left at the gallery last night. Paul introduced us and when he got to me Harry asked how I was since I left so arubtly at our last visit. Me being me and since my dad was in the room I just replied that I wasnt feeling that great. I was saved from another question by someone saying it was time for the morning meeting. I turned toward the others when Paul and Harry left and whispered that Harry was the guy I was telling them about. Harry decided to leave a seat next to him in the meeting room open and as soon as we all were sitting the meeting begun. I didn't really mind being the only girl because these guys were hilarious and I could tell we would end up being best friends really soon. My attention was brought back down to the meeting when Paul asked what view we were going to be taking the magezine. I decided to voice my opinion and said" how about we do something on how the magezine is made". Paul was really liking the idea until a certain someone not naming names *Harry* said " What about we do a thing on Taylor's first time in San Fransisco and we can show pictures on the event planning". I was shocked, I didnt want to be the center of the magezine and voiced my opinions of it but Paul wouldnt hear about it. So guess where that left me? Harry following me around places. We went back to the offices shortly after but on the way Tessa came to get me for wedding stuff sicne their wedding planner quit on them. Oh did I forget to tell you that my dad is marrying someone only about 5 years older than me. I didn't really want to go since I had things that needed to be done here but with Harry being here I chose the better of the two. Thats what I thought anyways until Harry announced he would be filling the boys in on last night. I was gone till about lunched and was forced in a way to take Harry out for his first day since Paul was being a generous boss. Thanks Dad. We went to a burger joint and I tried not sitting across from Harry but that didn't work out to well. That had to be the longest lunch I have ever had especially when his eyes were on me most of the time. The end of the day came soon enough though thank goodness for that. The only bad part about going home was the nights alone were always the worst. I tried wasting time watching movies but would soon lose patience halfway through the movie. I wound up sorting menus that I recieved from caters that afternoon and ended up having to take out the batteries out of my wall clock. The incessant ticking was slowly driving me insane. It was soon morning and I decided to wear my new purple pumps. My contentment at being in my cozy office surrounded my a steady hum dissipated briefly when Harry ambled in."You know you could stand to loosen up" he cocked his head to the side and sized me off." You know you could stand to stiffen up", wow what a comeback. After the morning meeting I was forced by the boys to hang out to get pictures done for the magezine. I had absolutely no idea where we were gonna do but we shortly ended up at a dock

*cliff hanger* hope you like this is my first movella  

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