Ties that Bind

Taylor's mom has recently died of cancer and she never knew her dad. When she moves to San Fransisco for a job she believes her boss is also her dad. She meets new friends, relatives, and most importantly she meets Harry Styles. She doesnt know what to think of him, she has always had issues since college. Will Taylor let go of her fears and believe him or will she let him slip out of her fingers forever. *One Direction are not famous in this story.


8. July 4th

It was an odd kind of truce we seemed to be negotiating over the next couple of weeks and I had begun taking reporters t lunch. The launch party and the wedding were coming together. When I played my violin at night Harry's face always seemed to drift before me,There was no escaping him. To make matters worse he'd started getting calls several times a day and would walk outside to take the call, I was burning with curiosity. Had he found someone else that quickly. "Invitations are in" Niall broke the silence one afternoon. "Lauralee asked wanted to ask you Taylor if you could help her and Danieller assemble them." "I'd love to" I said wholeheartedly "Great she said to come by after work and she'll feed you dinner." Niall went with the boys for the nights and invitation were spread all over the floor so we got started on them. I was looking forward to the wedding. From what I;ve heard it's going to be amazing and I want to see who won the invitaion war. Lauralee was telling us that they decided not to have kids because they were too self-observed and how Niall's mom went off on her about it. We all started laughing on the idea of seeing that go down. We got to talking about the 4th of July  and we decided to go to an Irish punk club. They told me Harry shouldn't be there. That night when I arrived home I called Daniel and he agreed to be my 'date' for the night. By the time July rolled around Harry was out of the office more than he was in. I was nearly ready whan Daniel knocked on the door. "Almost done sorry" I called behind me after I let him in. "No problem" he smiled at me "where's the boy?" "Dont ask" I frowned. "What did you do?" he demanded. "How do you know it was me" I scowled "Taylor" he crossed his arms. "I said I needed space" "what is wrong with you . I liked this guy." he his hands up. "I dont know" I turned my light off "I liked him too and I think he's already moved on." I told him miserably. " Oh my dear sweet girl it will all work out." We were soon heading to the club. Lauralee and Danielle were waiting for us when we got there " I promise we didn't know" Danielle blurted out. "When we said he wouldn't be there we had no idea." "Danielle breathe honey"Lauralee placed a hand on her shoulder. "Apparently Harry fills in for a buddy of his, who is the lead in an Irish punk band""and he is playing here tonight" I surmised. 'yeah" "okay" I looked an Daniel "Suck it up and get inside he nudged me towards the door. As much as I didn't want to admit it, he actually was pretty good. His voice was soothing  and there was something sexy about a man onstage singing. At first I was able to watch unnoticed. I was free t odrink in the sight of him and then our eyes locked. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. The band moved into a livelier number adn I welcomed the opportunity to whisk Daniel onto the dance floor. Dancing with my best friend from a time when I was a much freeir spirit. "We've got time for one more" his accent seemed thicker now. "So I'd like t odedicate this next song to an old friend of mine who doesn't think I know enough classics." Somohow I dont' think he meant long term when he said old. He ducked his head but not quickly enough to hide the smile. I sank into a nearby chair, completely transfixed on the man whose eyes were now looking into mine. I vwanted to run away but I was completely rooted to my spot. My breath started to come more quickly . Is this pain my heart breakiing again or another panic attack? Just as Harry hit the last chord, I was out the door. I didn't get the chance to find equilibrium since he was there right behid me. He'd effectively trapped me but that didn't seem to be enough torture because he was leaning on me as well. "That's not the reaction  I was hoping for" he grinned. "You should be used to that by now. I suppressed a small grin. "Should I have played crying instead or maybe crazy." "You're not helping your case" "true but I like watching you heat up." "Are you going to let me of this wall" I tilted my head to look at him. "In a minute, I have something to say." "then say it" I tried to wiggle free. " I want to gather you in my arms and tell you times up, I want to whisk you away to my loft and tell you no more space." he growled catching my chin with his hand and tilting my head up so his lips could claim mine." Now isnt' the time for that though. I have to eave for a bit next week. I'm going back to England for awhile..." he seemed to be choosing his words carefully. Before he could finish and before I started crying to beg him to stay, I stomped on his toe and ran away. I called Daniel and told him why I bailed.




Sorry its taken me so long to update but I hope you like it so far more should be up soon.

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