Ties that Bind

Taylor's mom has recently died of cancer and she never knew her dad. When she moves to San Fransisco for a job she believes her boss is also her dad. She meets new friends, relatives, and most importantly she meets Harry Styles. She doesnt know what to think of him, she has always had issues since college. Will Taylor let go of her fears and believe him or will she let him slip out of her fingers forever. *One Direction are not famous in this story.


9. Explanation

I spent to rest of my holiday weekend holed up in my apartment. When monday rolled around I forced myself to shower and put on makeup. "Taylor maybe if you'd let Harry explain." Niall ventured the suggestion. "I'm done with lunacy" Harry growled "I'm not explaining anything and neither are you." With that decree, he stormed out of the office. "Niall, I'm sorry I don't like that he's taking this out on you." I blinked back tears. I went to lunch with Danielle and I was grateful. She had a calming personality which calmed me some. I had a really good time just talking with  her. The day came when Harry got on a plance for England and I could breathe again.. Well after I spent the morning sobbing I could breathe again. I intended to work late that first night, but the longer I stayed the more3 agitated Niall got. "You really shoud go home now" Niall finally threw his hands up in the air. "You might need to go just to keep Niall from fainting. Why dont Danielle and I swing by for dinner later?" I hestitantly agreed. I opened my door to stare at a crate. "Dearest Taylor" the note read " I was wondering  if you could do me a favor and take care of this little guy for me Love, Harry." I supposed he needed a walk so I decided I mmight as well. Whenever we got back from the walk the question of why he did it popped into my head. Shortly after Liam and Danielle showed up with Niall and Lauralee. "He said dogs are great healers of the soul" Danielle made a face that plainly said 'isn't that so sweet'. Ty followed me everywhere. There was something comforting about it. "why did he leave" i asked. "his mom as breast cancer she's having a mastectomy in two days he went to be with her." How had I not known that part of me wanted to be sick. "Who can dogsit for me." "Already" Lauralee grinned " I can do it" "Are you" Danielle beamed. "Yeah I'll ask Paul tomorrow about having a few days off". The guys turned on a game while the girls helped me pack. Ty kept pulling my things out of the suitcase and running through the house with them. With everyone gone home and my flight booked, i walked Ty one last time and climbed in bed. The next thing I knew Ty was bathing my fcace with kisses. It was morning and this walk was less fun. I called Paul when I got back. He was fine with it as long as I was back by the next meeting. A flurry of activity later, I was seated on the plane waiting for it to take off. The flight was excruiciatingly long, it got delayed in New York. By the time I stood in Heathrow with my bags, I was exhausted. "London Bridge Hospital" I told the cabbie. It was a moment of truth. Different country same smells, it was the first thought I had as I stepped through the doors. " Ellen Nichols please' I felt the need to speak in hushed tones. I could hear his hushed voice from outside the door. My stomach fluttered and my chest tightened. Staring at the door wasn't doing much to calm my nerves. I set my bag in a corner then stood uncomfortably for a second. " May I help you" a woman with the hair color of coffee asked pleasantly.  I blushed furiously, my tongue tied as my eyes met his. I thought for a second I saw tears well up. " Hi i'm sorry to bother you" my tongue finally free "I'm..." "sh'es my girlfriend" Harry crossed the distance between us qucikly to engulf me in a hug. "I can't believe you're here" "I'm sorry" I whispered against his neck, standig on my toes to hug him closer. "No worries" he stood back to drink in the sight of me, his hands holding my face. "come on meet the whole clan" I was suddenly very nervous. "Da this is Taylor, Taylor this is my dad Garrett." he pointed to an older, stouter version of himself and then onto his brothers and their wifes. "We sure are happy to meet you" Garrett surprised me with a hug. "I'm glad to meet you as well sir." I returned the hug. " I still can't believe you here." Harry said grinning from ear to ear. "Believe it Lauralee is dog sitting" I informed him pointedly. "You like him" he did his best to look sheepish. I tried to look stern but lost the battle. " Im crazy about the brute already. he was ticked when I left though." "You have a dog" Nicole asked. "Some might call him that or a moose. He was a gift from Harry." "You got her a dog" Gabriel nodded sagely, as if reading something into the gesture. "yeah" he rubbed the back of his neck. Conversation centered on Harry and I for a little while. For now I'm just going to curl up next to Harry and be content with his arm wrapped around me. It was so comfortable that I dozed off.

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