Ties that Bind

Taylor's mom has recently died of cancer and she never knew her dad. When she moves to San Fransisco for a job she believes her boss is also her dad. She meets new friends, relatives, and most importantly she meets Harry Styles. She doesnt know what to think of him, she has always had issues since college. Will Taylor let go of her fears and believe him or will she let him slip out of her fingers forever. *One Direction are not famous in this story.


1. Start of Something New

It was a beautiful summer day as I headed off to my first day of work. My mom had recently just died of cancer about 2 months ago and without having a dad around growing up, I was all alone. But I was curious about this Paul guy my mother whispered about on her death bed. That was one of the reasons I took this new job. Paul was my new boss and when I first met him I couldn't help but notice that we had the same eyes. I was the events cordinater at the magezine layout in San Francisco. I was going to be working with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik who were writers. But there was one more person missing and that was the photographer. I believe they said his name was Harry Styles but he was in England until next week. We all had a good day at work so we went home earlier than we normally would. I was heading home to my empty apartment. On the way home i saw there was a photo gallery open, so I decided to check it out. I arrived to see these beautiful photos of what looked like London and a girl around 5. I went to the bar in the next room to get a drink and relax. The music was intense so i enjoyed dancing to all the songs they played. I needed to catch my breath so i went to sit down when a young man came to sit by me. "Those are some amazing dance skills you got there" he said. By the looks of it, he was hitting on me but I wasn't about to jump to any conclusions. I just went with it by talking to him. "Thanks" I said " you dont look like the kinda of person to come to a photo gallery may I ask what you are doing here". "Well actually I kinda work here I can show you my office and we can have some wine while we are up there since I see you are almost out" he replied. Not thinking about it I went with it and followed him upstairs, where you could here a faint nose caused by the music.As soon as we got in the office and he shut the door, he kissed me passionately. It was exillirating and when I backed away to catch my breath he went in search of wine. He ended up having to go back downstairs to get another bottle giving me time to come to my senses and leave. As soon as I got home I felt bad about leaving without and explanation but soon I just drifted off to a heavy sleep.


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