Reych's 1D Imagines

(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


52. Zayn for Rilee.

"RILEE! YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THE LADS JUST DID!" Zayn came bursting through the door. You were under the covers in your bed, holding on to your pounding head and groaning at your stomach.


He ran in and found you there.

"What happened?! Are you okay? Did someone hurt you? I'll kill them babe.." Zayn started to ramble.

"ZAYN! Calm down. I just have the flu alright?" you pulled the blankets over your head.

"Oh. Oh baby. Sorry. But, I'm gonna take care of you okay? Just rest for now and I'll make you some soup."

You could barely nod. Your bed was surrounded by tissues. Medication bottles were everywhere.

Zayn came back with soup.

"Lemme feed ya sweetie." he kneeled down next to you.

You started to sit up but your stomach wasn't happy. The soup looked and smelled so good and you wanted to eat it but you instead ran to the bathroom and threw up.

"Aww, Rilee. My poor princess. Come on. Let's rest, I'll even cuddle or sing for you. I'll give you crackers and ginger-ale later." he gathered your weak body in his arms and carried you to the bed.

"Thank you." you whispered, drifting off as he hummed next to you, rubbing pointless patterns in your hand.

"I love you Rilee." his last words rang softly in your ear as you go some well needed rest.

A/N: Hey Rilee! I love requests where someone takes care of someone else because  I make them sooo cute! Hope you enjoyed, let me know! <3 Reych.

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