Reych's 1D Imagines

(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


18. Niall for Sophie.

You and Niall have been dating for a while. One day he came to one of your softball games to cheer you on. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him chanting your name and smiling at you. That distracted you and you fell, plus you got hit with the ball in the shoulder. Niall ran onto the field. "MOVE! SOPHIE!" he got to you. He picked you up and laid you in the car. "Babe are you alright?" he panted worriedly. You started to cry. Your ankle was hurt and your shoulder throbbed. "Its okay shh, Soph its okay." he took you to the doctor's. Your ankle was twisted and a bruise was forming on your shoulder. Niall took care of you until you healed completely. He brought you things and cuddled with you trying to make you feel better. On the last might of your recovery, you leaned up to Niall who was laying with you on the bed and you kissed his cheek. "Thanks Niall, you've helped me so much babe." "No problem Soph." he kissed your forehead and you fell asleep snuggled together.

A/N: Hi Sophie. I really know nothing about sports but I saw your username and though I'd give something a go. Hope you enjoyed, let me know! <3 Reych.

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