Reych's 1D Imagines

(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


61. ALL: You're Sad

Liam: "Hey honey! I'm home! Where are the two most beautiful women in the world?" Liam yelles, opening the door to your shared appartment. He looks around, thinking you're playing hide and seek with him, when he comes upon you in the corner of the bathroom, sobbing quietly. "Baby! What's the matter?" he crouches down beside you and places a hand on your shoulder. "Li? There's only one girl here." you whisper. "What?" he asks, in shock. You nod slowly, sadened even more now. "She's gone?" he whimpers. You nod again, kneeling up so that you fit in his arms snugly. He slowly wraps his arms around you, letting everything sink in. "Oh darling.." he looks down and places a hand on your, now empty, stomach. "Liam? Can we try again?" you ask softly. "Of course. I want my daughter sweetheart." he smiles slightly, trying to hid the fact he's upset. He kisses you lightly and promises that it'll happen when it is the right time.

Niall: You were curled up in a ball on the sofa when you got a phone call. A family member of yours has just died. You throw the phone down and stare at the wall. Niall walks in and sees you motionless. "Hun?" he asks, standing over you. You just look straight ahead as if he wasn't there. "Boo, what's wrong?" You point to the phone, where he picks it up and hears your mom trying to get you to get it. "Hello?" he waits and hears the same message you did. "Oh." he hangs it up and places you in his lap. "I'm sorry baby." he strokes some hair out of your face. You sit there, cuddled into him, too upset to even cry. He rocks you back and forth until you fall asleep.

Louis: "Sweetie, please talk to me." Louis tries to make you even look at him. Your boyfriend, ofr now ex, just cheated on you. You ran over to your best friend's place, Louis'. "Listen, he wasn't meant for you! No man in their right mind would cheat on you! You're amazing! He's a total fool to do that. I'm so sorry it happened to a wonderful girl like you." Louis rambled. You finally grabbed his face and kissed him. "Yes I'll be your girlfriend Louis!" you smirk and he does too, while laughing. He hugs you and won't stop smiling.

Harry: "C'mon darling!" Harry's atempts to make you happy were failing. You had just been fired and really sad about it because you loved your job. "Please don't be upset. You know I hate it when you're sad!" You kept frowning. "PWEASEE??? FO MEEEEEE???" he yelled, childishly. You smirked a bit. "AH HA! I GOT IT! SHE SMILED!" he cleared his throat, "PWEASE WUV!? I WUV WU! PWEASE BE HAPPY!" you started to giggle at his deep voice transforming into a baby one. "You're a child." you scoff and wave your hand at him. "I KNOW! BUT WU WUV ME FO IT!" he cheekily grinned. You pecked his nose and hugged him tightly.

Zayn: "ZAYN STOP! PUT ME DOWN!" you squealed. "Then stop crying!" "BUT ZAYN!" "No buts, tell me what's wrong!" "Zayn..." you started to have tears well up in your eyes again. "I'm sorry, just..I'm worried. Please love, tell me." he placed you on the ground. "Its-its, my old puppy died.." you whined. "Aww baby." he squeezed you close. Then he tickled you. "AHH!" you laughed. "YAY! She's happy." Zayn smirked. "Sure.." you sighed, sleeping on top of him.

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