Reych's 1D Imagines

(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


53. ALL: You Turn Him On.

Zayn: You and Zayn were out getting ice cream when you see he's staring at everything else around you and he's very quiet. "Everything alright?" you ask. "Yeah, why wouldn't it be? I'm with you." he smiles, his lips covered in ice cream. "Aww, Zayny!" you cooed. "Babe, you got a little.." you point to his chin and mouth. "Oh I do?" he looks for a napkin. "No no. Let me get that." you smirk, grabbing his wrist. He freezes and looks at you. Your smile grows bigger as you lean in. He stares at your face and you brush your lips on his, licking them to get the cream off. When you pull away, he takes your arm. "Home." he whispers roughly. You two run home quickly know what happens next. ;)

Liam: "I'll love you until the last rose dies." he smiles, handing you a bouquet. You smile back a bit confused, and smell them. Your nose hits a flower that's a to you. You realize its fake. "Aww sweetie." you kiss his jawline. He nods and you go to place them into a vase. As you turn, you see that his eyes are...looking pretty low on your back. You smirk. Then as you walk, he stares more. When the real roses are in a vase with water, you back up and purposely bump into him. "Ooopsies!" you giggle as he almost drools. He takes your shoulders and you drop the roses on the table. He guides you to the bedroom...yeah. You got it. ;)

Niall: "You know, I love Irish men who can cook well." you start running your finger up and down his back. He shivers. "Really?" he whimpers. "Yeah, I LOVE a multi-talented guy." you purr in his ear. You can feel his cheeks redening. You rest your head on his shoulder and watch him cook, goosebumps forming on his arms as your breath goes down his neck. "Niall?" you take his face in your hands. "Y-yeah?" his shaky voice says. "Why don't we.." you slip your fingers inbetween his. "Skip dinner and go straight to dessert?" you wink. He smiles, nods and you tug him to the room...where some fun happens ;)

Harry: "Babe, what time do we have to leave?" you ask Harry through the bathroom door. "Eight." he says back. "Okay, thanks, I'm gonna get ready." you walk to the closet. He's taking a shower so you think you have time. You slip off your clothes and start to hum as you get ready. A door opens as you slip on your bra. "Hey hun should I...woah." Harry comes in. He has a towel wrapped around his lower body but his wet torso makes you stare a bit. Then you see he's looking up and down your body, smirking. "Hey big boy. Come'ere." you smile. He takes your waist and you lay on the know Hazza ;)

Louis: "This tie, or this one?" Louis asks you as you put on earings. "Uhm, just the black I guess. I don't think that stripes go with your black tux." you laugh. "Alright. Hey, you know that your beautiful right?" he smirks."Nah." you giggle. "Yes you are." he gets closer. He places his hands on your neck and kisses your cheek. You both stare at each other in the mirror infront of you. "Oh really Tommo?" you turn to face him. "Mmmhmm." he smiles. "Then I think that the party can wait a bit longer for us." you take his tie and pull him to the bed...Its Tommo time people ;)

A/N: HAHAHA! Hope you smiled during this one. Its a bit weird for me to write but you know. Cheeky :) Enjoy and lemme know what other prefs ya want babes! <3 Reych.  

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