Reych's 1D Imagines

(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


38. ALL: How He Reacts When He Sees You After Tour.

Liam: When he sees you at the airport, he drops everything and runs as fast as he can. "Liam!" You yell and sprint into his arms. He picks you up and spins you around. "I missed you so much!" he brings you down and kisses you softly. "I missed you more." You whisper. He holds your hand and walks you to your car. You spend the rest of the night laying with each other on the floor as he tells you about the crazy places he went.

Zayn: "BOO!" He yells and squeezes you in his strong arms. You cuddle him and kiss his cheek repeatedly. "I love you babe." He says. "I love you too Zayn." You smile. When you get home, he tickles you and then you two eat a nice dinner together at your place.

Louis: "I just got you. I don't want to let you go just yet." Louis says in your ear while he hugs you for about five minutes. "LouBear, let go." You giggle. "You have months to hug me now." You shuffle into the car. "Okay, but when we get home, we're cuddling." He smirks. "Okay anything for you babe." You kiss his nose.

Harry: "Oh, I've missed you so much." He whispers, wiping your tears of joy. "I know. Don't leave me again." You place your head in the crook of his neck and snuggle him closer. "I won't. I am here now." He kisses the top of your head. "I promise, I'll be here forever." he reassures you. You look up to see he's crying too. You giggle and wipe his tears. "We're together boo. Its okay." You walk to the car and snuggle all night in bed, keeping each other close.

Niall: "Hi beautiful." He smirks, hugging you from behind. His familiar characteristics are wrapped around you. His scent, his arms, everything you love about this boy. "Ni!" You turn to face him. He places his hand behind you ear and slides it to the back of your head, pulling you close. You kiss and you ruffle his hair. "Let's go home." he carries you to your place and you spend the night together, happy to have him back.   

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