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(No dirty imagines, sorry!) Comment your name, the boy you would like, and any other information about yourself you want to throw in there :) If you would like a certain mood or theme to the story just let me know! Thank you guys <3


71. ALL for Julia

"Jul! Come and hang with us downstairs!" Niall screamed from the kitchen.

"Sure, just lemme get ready!"

"You don't have to get ready babe, you're beautiful already." he laughed loudly.

"Thanks Ni, but I'm still in my towel from my shower!" you smiled.

"COME DOWN NOW!" Niall shouted with a laugh in his throat.

"NIALL JAMES!" you smirked.

"Oh alright.." he sighed.

When you were done, you ran down the stairs, greeted by all the lads' smiling faces.

"Morning guys!"

"Good morning, love." they all chirped.

"So, what are we gonna do today?" you asked, sitting down and eating some of the breakfast Louis had made.

"Well, we know you've been wanting a lazy day with all of us so we all got the day off and we're gonna spend it together!" Liam smiled.


"Yeah, really!" Harry giggled.

You squealed in happiness and hugged them all.

"Let's watch some movies!" Zayn ran to the couch.

"I'll get the popcorn!" Niall raised his hand.

"What movies are we gonna watch?" Lou asked.

"Umm..." you thought.

"OH!" Liam shouted.

"Okay Li, we'll watch all the Toy Story movies." you giggled.

Liam smiled at you and tickled your stomach.

"My boyfriend, sits here." you said pointing to the spot next to you.

Niall came in with the popcorn and sat in that spot.

"Zayn, here." you pointed in front of you on the floor. He smiled and sat down there, as you hugged him from behind.

"Harry, here." you pointed to the spot on the other side of you. He scooted in next to you and you ruffled his curls, making him chuckle.

"Liam, here." you said, pointing next to Zayn.

"And, LouBear, here." you pointed behind you. He swung his arms in front of you and cuddled you to his chest.

"Wow, Jul. You got this all planed out!" Harry poked your side.

"I told you I've been waiting for this day to come for a loooonngggg time!" you smirked.

The whole day you watched movies, played games and had the best day with your boys.

A/N: Heeeyy Julia! Wassup girlfrand??? I remember chu and I remember chu being super sweet, so I gave chu this imagine! Lemme know what chu think and gimme some feedback! ;) Thanks babe! <3 Reych


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