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55. All for Emily.






Five screams came through the house.

"LOUIS! HARRY! LIAM! NIALL! ZAYN!" you immitated them, throwing your head back.


"OKAYETH!" you put your hands on your hips and strutted into the room.

"Whateth do you wanteth?" you asked.

"Okay, cut the olden talk now." Liam sighed.

"PLAY TRUTH OR DARE WITH US!!!" Louis squealed.

"Louis, I gotta.."

"PWEASE?!" he batted his eyelashes and gave you the puppy dog lip.

"Oh! Don't gove me that look! I can't take that!" you slapped your hands on your thighs.

"So will you play?" Niall asked.

"Ugh! Fine." you sat down and pouted.

"YAY!" Harry cheered, clapping.

"Liam, truth or dare?" Louis asked him.


"NO! YOU ALWAYS PICK TRUTH! Pick dare for once."

"No. Its MY turn. Truth." Liam crossed his arms.

"FINE! Have you ever cried watching a chick flick?"

"Yeah." Liam answered calmly.

"HA!" Louis giggled like a school girl.

"HARREAH! TRUTH OR DAAAREEE!?!" Zayn turned to the curly lad and poked him.

"Dare!" he smirked.

"Go to the neighbors, meow in their face and then run back here, ripping off your shirt screaming 'I LOVE ZAYN MALIK!' dude." Zayn laughed evily.

"ZAYN! WHAT?!" he looked at the Bradford bad-boi in shock.

"Yeeup. Do it now." Zayn pushed him out the door.

"I hate you." Harry muttered, running to the neighbors front porch.

"Hi! I'm sorry for what's about to happen. MEOW!" Harry smiled, whispered and then yelled. He ran away, waving his shirt above his head screaming 'I LOVE ZAYN MALIK!'

All of you watched from behind the trees, laughing your heads off.

"Niall! Truth or Dare!?" Harry put his shirt back on.


"No food for ten minutes." he snatched the bag of popcorn Niall was clutching on to.

"Nope! I will not do that." Niall took the bag and ran.

"FOOD!" he screeched, running back inside.

"Uhm.." Louis scratched his head as you all went back, following Niall.

"No one will steal my babies." Niall was on the couch, rocking back and forth, smiling at the popcorn.

"Niall isn't gonna play anymore peoples." you laughed.

"LOUEH! TRUTH OR DARE!?" you smiled, knowing what he'd say. He'd always said it.

"DARE BAEBEH!" Louis beamed.

"I dare you to take Niall's food." you whispered.

Louis' expression immediantly dropped.

"What? Can't handle it?" you smirked.

"No! I got this. Watch." he approached Niall carefully.

"Hey Ni. What you got there?" Louis held his hands out.

"MY POPCORN!" Niall ran into the bathroom and locked it.

"I tried." Louis shrugged and plopped down.

"Zayn! Your turn! Truth or dare?" Niall yelled from the bathroom.


"Break your mirrors."

"NOPE, NOT HAPPENING!" Zayn crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

"LAME-O!" Niall taunted.

"Whatevers." he mumbled.

"KAY KAY! Emily, truth or dare?" Liam asked you.

"Uhhh, truth." you smirked, ready to face whatever he had for you.

"Which one of us is your favorite?" he smirked.

Niall scurried out of the bathroom, wanting to hear your answer.

"I don't have a fav. I love you all." you smiled, kissing each of their cheeks.

"AWWWW! WE LOVE YOU TOO!" Louis hugged you. All of them came around and squished you in their arms.

"Ughhh, guys! Can't! Breath!" you panted.

"Sorry love." Liam pulled back.

"Okay, goodnight boys." you patted each of their heads and walked off to bed.

"NIGHT EM EM!" they called after you. You smiled, crawling into bed, loving the five idiots you lived with.

A/N: Hey Emily!!! I really hope you enjoyed this. I worked hard and long on this one just for you! Let me know what you think please babe! If you wanna co-author on a Movella, let me know! I deff wanna work with ya! <3 I.L.Y! *totes a lil owl! Its on my page.* <3 Reych.



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