Only one time.

Jackie and her friend Amy are out of School and on to a new life! They live together in apartment, then they realize a British/Irish boy band is in the next apartment down! True love comes...friendship....Fights...and more....


1. Ready, set, GO!

      On July 17th, Jackie and Amanda are finding there new apartment! Its wasn't small wasn't big it was just perfect for them...


       "Amanda!' "Amanda!" said Jackie with a very loud tone. "what?" Amanda asked. "Where is my teddy bear, Harry Styles?"   "Look in your room..." said Amanda. "Found Harry!" While they were unpacking there belongings suddenly there apartment started to shake! "OH MY GOSH THERE IS A TORNADO COMING!" said Jackie in a frightful way. "Jackie there is no tornado, its just our neighbors being annoying with there loud music" Since Amanda and Jackie were huge directioners, they were sing Live while We're Young really loud with the music playing in the next apartment down. 

      Wait why are they playing One Direction?  They both looked at each other with confusion. "Lets go meet our neighbors, they could be Directioners!" said Amanda

    They nocked on the door..this really cute Irish guy answered it. "hello?" said Niall with his Irish accent. Amanda and Jackie looked at each other with excitement and they screamed then fainted with excitement! "I think they ma be directioners?" said Harry. "You think?" said Zayn. All of the boys carried the girls in too there apartment on to the couches. "what should we do with them?" said Liam. "Maybe we should shake them till they wake up?" said Harry. "NO!" shouted Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. "Here my mum is a doctor ill go and call her" said Louis. "the blonde looks cute" (aka Jackie) said Harry.

    "OK i called my mum ans she said just to put ice on the fore head, till they wake up" said Louis. When an hour past Jackie woke up and thought she was in a dream because she saw One direction in front of her. Jackie started getting really excited and screaming and jumping up and down like a crazy person. Suddenly Amanda woke up and she saw One direction, they didn't know what was going on. So Zayn explained what happened.

    "Wow i cant believe my Neighbors are One Direction!" said Amanda. Since we feel bad that you guys fainted would you like to go to dinner what us? said the boys. "Omg yes" said Amanda and Jackie! "What about seven?" said Harry. "perfect" Amanda said. "Well see you in an hour!" said Liam.

"I cant believe you called our sexy neighbors annoying I'm disappointed in you!" said Jackie while still in front of the boys. "What are you talking about Jackie i didn't say they were annoying." said Amanda nervous. "Amanda you called us annoying?" said Niall . "No,No,No i didn't well  i did before i knew you guys! "Oh" said Harry


Chapter 2 is coming soon! Enjoy!


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