The Hero with no Choice....

All about a boy with a dream of becoming a successful business man but one day a bully crosses the line by trying to rule the city and killing anyone who gets in his way.

"This is a tale, about a Hero, with no choice.."


2. The Bully

Edgar went to school each and every day. Even on weekends to help teachers. Edgar was a smart child. A straight A student. But one thing put Edgar off going to school every single day...

Simon. His bully. Now Simon wasn't the kind of bully to say "Give me your lunch money", or "That's my seat". Oh no no no my dear friend. Edgar's bully was HIS bully. Everyone else got along with Simon. Simon got on with everyone. Everyone but Edgar. Ever since their first year of secondary school Simon has been picking on Edgar. Hitting him. No name calling. Whenever they cross in a corridor, Simon throws Edgar into a wall or pushes him down the stairs. 

No one ever seems to notice what is going on. The teachers love Edgar but they somehow don't see what is going on between the two. No one else picks on Edgar they just don't like him or talk to him..

You are bound to feel sorry for Edgar, I mean he just wants a good education but doesn't get much credit from the other kids. He doesn't have a single friend not one...

Poor, poor Edgar..


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