The Hero with no Choice....

All about a boy with a dream of becoming a successful business man but one day a bully crosses the line by trying to rule the city and killing anyone who gets in his way.

"This is a tale, about a Hero, with no choice.."


1. In The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a forest...

Okay, this is a serious story but there was a forest!!

A boy named Edgar lived in these woods with his family. His Father Alfredo, his Mother Teresa and his brothers Paco and Zack, and a sister called Janine. Edgar was a happy working boy. Though the three boys live in a forest, they still got an education at their school 'Rosary Beads college'.

Zack was the oldest (of the boys) as he was in his last year of school (He was 19). Paco was in his Second last year of school (He was 16). Janine (Age 26) had been to college and moved to a different country with her husband John. And little Edgar was only in his Second year of Secondary school

Even when Edgar was out of school, He spent HIS free time, working, studying/revising and just trying to help people. Some day Edgar wanted to work in business. He wanted to be a salesman like his father.

His Mother, Teresa was unemployed as she quit her job to take care of Edgar when he was only a small child. She wasn't able to get her job back... Jobs are very hard to find now a days too.

Paco didn't know what to do with his life at ALL. Zack wanted to be a music artist. Now at the time music was not that popular.. Was this was in a world not like ours?...oh no. Though it was 2004 there and 2012 here. There was a much bigger difference. They were in the planet htrae. (Earth backwards). Quite the same as Earth but always Eight years behind in EVERYTHING! And sometimes glitches occurred  like they would be way behind in certain things and ahead in others!

But what is this story about? Why am I telling you of this story. Am I going to turn out to be the main character narrating the story 30 years later? I can tell you all of those things...

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