The Hero with no Choice....

All about a boy with a dream of becoming a successful business man but one day a bully crosses the line by trying to rule the city and killing anyone who gets in his way.

"This is a tale, about a Hero, with no choice.."


3. Edgar's "Friend"...

Mr Robinson, the Technology and design teacher, was a fun teacher. He was the kind of teacher to set of a fire extinguisher in class or pull back one of the chairs when a pupil was going to sit down. He would let the children on their phones and devices or let them go on games on the school computers!

Edgar had the opportunity to do all these things but he preferred the work. He din't enjoy the practical work, where the children got to cut wood metal, configure circuits and run around with saws or hammers. Edgar wasn't the manly type. He would get a splinter opening the bathroom door. He would pull a muscle eating his dinner!

But Mr Robinson and Edgar were Best friends. It may sound creepy, but Edgar's only friend was that teacher. the other teachers enjoyed his work yes, but found Edgar to be too clingy.

Edgar could share anything with sir. They could talk about exams or homework. But they would also invent things like a doll house that opens the doors itself when a certain figure comes up to it. Or a football that can currve round the goalie with a command!

But one morning, Mr Robinson invented something that could top all of that...

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