Take Me Home

**I wrote the prologue to this but I don't know when I'll be updating this one. I have 2 other fanfics to manage at the time so I'll try to update when I can :) Thank you**

The very infamous actress, Aubrey Green, is in a new action/romance movie called "Take Me Home. Theres only one problem... There is NO ONE to play the male lead. Things seem hopeless until Aubrey accidentally runs into Harry Styles from One Direction. She gets an idea and asks all of the boys to be in her movie. Tune in to what drama, romance, and action goes on behind the scenes in my new fanfic: Take Me Home


2. Chapter 1


    Dinner was great. We all had a wonderful time. Afterwards, we went back to their hotel room to call simon and tell him to tell everyone the plan for the movie. It was getting late so I decided to leave. I hugged each one of them and warned my arrival for the next day.     

    “Not joking guys, I’ll be here at 5AM tomorrow and you better be awake and ready!”

    “We will! We will! Harry said as he ushered me out the door. I drove home and in the car I called Lana. 


    “I got em!”

    “REALLY?? THANK GOD!” She sounded so relieved. 

    “They’re coming first thing tomorrow with me. I’ll audition them for the parts. It’ll be great!”

    “Alright missy. I’ll see you tomorrow.”



    I arouse from my bed at exactly 4:30 A.M. the next morning. I rolled out of bed and took a shower. Once I finished putting on my sweat suit and doing my makeup, I put my long hair into a ponytail and left to go get the boys.



(Harry’s POV) 

    “HARRY! WWAKE UP! SHE’LL BE HERE SOON WAKE UP!” Niall shouted in my ear as he shook me awake. “IT’S 5, WE HAVE NO TIME TO DILLY DALLY!! GET UP NOW! UP EVERYONE!” he pranced around the room smashing pillows in all of our faces trying to wake us up. I groaned and rolled out of bed just in time for the hotel door to open. It was Aubrey. Everyone was startled and Niall swung around to face her. It wasn’t until then that I noticed that not one of us had any pants or shirts on. We just stayed there shocked as she crossed her arms. 

    “Guys! I told you to be ready by five!” 

    “Calm your walnuts Aubrey.” I joked as I stood up and walked to the bathroom to get changed.

    She sighed an annoyed sigh then said. “Do you guys need any help with anything to make this go quicker? We need to be on set in like 10 minutes.”

    “Maybe you should help Harry get changed...” Niall joked and the rest of the boys chuckled. I could only hear muffled voices since the door was shut.

    “Oh hush!” she said. I heard the guys laugh even more. I emerged from the bathroom fully clothed and ready for the day and Zayn and Liam ran in after me to get ready. 


(Aubrey’s POV)

    It only took them a mere 20 minutes to get “ready” and they still didn’t look their best. Oh well. I shouldn’t complain. Im not exactly the most attractive person until Hair and Makeup makes me pretty. Anyway, I rounded the boys up and we got into a van which took us to the set. On our way there I got a call from Lana.


    “Pulling in to the parking lot rightttt abouttt now....”

    “I needed you here 10 minutes ago! We only have until 11 tonight then the set is closing for the night!” She started to panic. She ALWAYS overreacted. 

    “Lana... It’s 5:30 in the morning, we have plenty of time... ok we’re walking in now.. see ya.” Just then we all walked into the studio and the boys followed me along with a few body guards. We met Lana in her office where she sat at her cluttered desk looking like a nervous wreck. 

    “FINALLY! THE PRINCES HAVE ARRIVED!” She said sarcastically. “I would expect the biggest boy band in the world to at least show up on time.” 

    “Well Lana...” Harry began. “We are the biggest boy band in the world, you said so yourself, and we are used to people waiting for us... not the other way around.” He said it in a joking matter and the guys laughed. I giggled a bit too. At this comment, Lana took off her thick brown rimmed glasses and pushed her redish-brown hair out of her face. She seemed amused. 

    “You’re very forward and sarcastic Mr. Styles....” She said. It was so weird, it was like she was my mom and she was inspecting one of my guy friends I brought home after school one day. “I like it...... You know, Mr. Derby has the same personality as you.... Mysterious, flirtatious, extremely rude in a sarcastic way....” She put her glasses back on and looked towards a paper on her desk where she wrote something down.

    “Who’s Mr. Derby?” Harry asked.

    “Mr. James Derby is the male lead in this movie.” She  only glanced up for a bit before continuing writing. “You got the part...” 


    Now, before I continue the story, let me tell you a bit about Lana. Lana M. Tribestky. She is 47 years old with redish brown, shoulder width hair with side bangs. She has some wrinkles on her face and wears a lot of foundation and a little eye make-up. She is a rather skinny person but is about 5’4. She always wears heels, dress pants, and a solid colored shirt. She has reading glasses that she uses only sometimes and the rest of the time, they spend on her head pushing the hair out of her face. I’d been in a few of her movies before and she is a pleasure to work with. The only thing is, if things don’t go 100% the way they should, she starts having a breakdown and that is when things don’t get pretty. Other than that, she’s like a second mother to me and she’s the sweetest thing. Which, its such a surprise to me that she’s been divorced 4 times. Oh whatever... She’s with another director now and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna stay together for a while...



    “REALLY?!” Harry asked in disbelief. The other guys smiled and patted him on the back. 

    “As for you four....” She studied them intently... “Blondie... You get Jack Morrison. Sailor stripes- you can have Landen Evergreen. Puppy dog eyes can be Robert Trikes, and.. Pretty boy... yeah.... you’ll be Dean Somerholder.” It amused me how she came up with nicknames that quickly. I’d say she was a pretty good judge of Character too based on the roles she gave each of them. 


Louis- Landen Evergreen~ James Derby’s partner in crime. Quite the jokester when he wants to be, but is mostly set on one thing... Destroying Dean Somerholder.


Niall- Jack Morrison~ Very smart intellectual. He is a scientist that helps out both good and bad without knowing it. Disguises his job by working at a restaurant 


Zayn- Dean Somerholder~ The bad guy. Got involved in a killing scheme for money. Killed James Derby’s family. Has a bad history with Maya Shrouds. Made Jack morrison create an anti-aging serum for him so his victories will never end.


Liam- Robert Trikes~ Dean Somerholder’s helper. He’s the one doing most of the dirty work for Dean like the killing. Dean raised him to be bad and that’s all he knows. 


Harry- James Derby~ Main Character. Love interest is Maya Shrouds. Holds grudge against Dean for filling his family. Wants to stop Dean from causing damage to anyone else in the world.


Me- Maya Shrouds~ Works with James Derby. Main Character.Love interest in James Derby. Holds own grudges against Dean and wants the same revenge as James. James and Maya don’t get along very well in the beginning but fall in love in the end.



    “The scripts are on that table over there.. The first scene we’re filming is the one where James and Maya meet. Go over your lines and if you need to, teach them Aubrey. We start filming in a few days. I say that you guys should be rehearsing literally 24/7. Become. The. Roles. From now until the last day of filming you will be James, Dean, Maya, Robert, Jack, and Landen. You will eat, sleep, talk, and breathe like them. Oh hell! You’ll even take a crap like them! This movie will be a hit. You got it?” She stared at us with a serious face. We all nodded simultaneously then walked out the door. On our way out I took the scripts and we went into a separate room to start rehearsing. 

    “THIS IS SICK!” Zayn said as we sat down on 6 directors chairs that were placed in a circle in the middle of the room. I instructed them to turn to page 56 where we would start rehearsing lines. 





JAMES: (HOLDING GUN UP READY TO FIRE IF NEEDED) (Starts to notice a shuffling sound from behind. Carefully turns the corner to see who it is. Gun still ready. MAYA SHROUDS also with gun in hand kicks his legs from underneath tripping him and pinning him to the floor with her foot. points gun at JAMES) DAMN IT!


MAYA: Who are you?! What are you doing down here?! Tell me now!


JAMES: (Trips MAYA who stumbles to the floor and is not pinned down my JAMES. He is pinning her with his arm to her neck) How about you tell me who you are first.


MAYA: I think...It’d be a little easier to talk if you weren’t blocking my windpipe.... (struggling to breathe but still being tough)


JAMES:(Cautiously releases MAYA and returns to holding his gun at her. She does the same.) Tell me your name NOW.


MAYA: Jenny Sykes, FBI Agent. (Holds up badge and ID) I’m going to need you to put your hands where I can see them.... Now!


JAMES: (Examines Badge and ID) Sorry “Officer” but it looks like you’re carrying a false badge... (Kicks badge and ID out of her hand) Seriously darling. Just tell me your name and no one gets hurt.


MAYA: My name’s Maya Shrouds, DON’T call me ‘Darling.’ 


    JAMES: What exactly are you doing back here... DARLING....


MAYA: (Rolls eyes) Trying to disarm a bomb that’s about to go off in 10 minutes! Somerholder put it here.... Now I suggest you put the gun down and let me be on my way so we don’t all get blown to pieces in a few minutes! Thank you! (Angrily)


JAMES: (Slowly puts gun down) Looks like you’re a little too late for that one honey... Thats what I’m here for.. Now you can go back to your princess land of shoes and makeup and let the grown up handle this job.


MAYA: Bull! (Shoots gun at ceiling, startling JAMES but brings it down and puts it away afterwards.)


JAMES: (Hears a ticking noise and decided to move onward) Come on Darling... Looks like you’re rolling with me from now on.


MAYA: May I ask you, Sir, Who exactly are you....? And why are you going after Somerholder too....?


JAMES: James Derby.. That’s all you need to know for now. Now lets cut the sweet talk and find this thing already..... (MAYA looks annoyed but follows him. Both are armed and ready.)


    After we read over it once we began to act them out. I had to help Harry out a little, telling him to make his voice raspy and mysterious while at the same time being the same tough and sarcastic teen he is. It was actually pretty impressive.

    “Wow! Impressive! I thought you said you couldn’t act.....” He smiled.

    “Oh pshhtt.. I’m not that good.....” he said, the guys giggled.

    “Nah man that was actually pretty good.” Niall added.

We used the rest of the day to go over the rest of the script twice. By the end of the day we were EXHAUSTED. We had 7 days to memorize our lines for the first few scenes while doing rehearsals each day. It was going to be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I could tell.



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