The Girl Code

There's strict rules a girl has to follow; a law lay down by females galore.
Some groups of girls are more flexible than others, but in Aly's group the code must be stuck to, no "if's", "but's", or "please's" about it.
So what will happen when she bends the rules?
Will she face brutal consequences of the devine girl nation?


2. The Girl Code; rule number twenty-three: When said evening is described as a Girls’ Night In/Out that means it is for girls only.


Quick note of apology ~ I'm so sorry I hadn't updated last week. I had the skeleton to this chapter already thought out and mapped down but then I erased a few things and enhanced bits too, and now, I've finally got around to having a night of writing. Anyways, without further adieu, I present the second chapter... enjoy! - Talia oxox.



The Girl Code; rule number twenty-three:

When said evening is described as a Girls’ Night In/Out that means it is for girls only.


“Hey Aly, Soph!” Cherie chimed as she flit into the room and squeezed into the gap between myself and Sophia, her eyes were glinting and she had a wide smile on her peach coloured lips.

Peach isn’t for everyone, not at all. In fact, in our group Cherie is the only one who can get away with peach. She loves everything peach; peach clothing, peach lipstick, eye shadow, handbag, and yes, even the fruit! Every day with Cherie is like a peach overload.

 “Hey Cherie,” we chorused excitedly.

I presume you’re wondering about Cherie? She’s our bubbly sweetheart. The rose between us thorns. Her mind is always thinking of others welfare over her own. She could honestly light up a room with her adorable angelic antics and I suppose that’s what makes her so lovable and a must have in our friendship group.

Mel and I met each other in Kindergarten and Cherie was my second friend behind her, we instantly clicked, Mel’s opposing to Cherie being their main foundation for bonding and mine and Cherie’s love of painting, back then, was ours.

Then Sophia came along and finally, Alice. You’ve not yet been formerly introduced to Alice, or Sophia, really. Perhaps not even me or Mel , in all honesty, but we’ve got plenty of time to do all that later.

Besides –

“How’s things with Marcus?” Soph asked, her cheek bones jutting higher than they already were naturally and her thin lips curved wide as her face lit up.

See, Little Miss Peach has a new found love in the form of Marcus Daubery, one of the hot-shot college jocks, and Sophia and I are proud to say we helped with the blossoming of their relationship which was hopefully going strong. It had been over a week but you know how jocks can be.

One minute they’re total sweethearts, the next you feel like such a sucker for settling down with them and their routine. You have to work hard to reschedule your life to fit around theirs,  I honestly don’t know how little Cherie manages.

“Amazing.” Cherie buzzed, her hands shaking. “I love him so much and yesterday he told me he’d take me out to the cinema to see the new Madagascar and that it’ll be our first ever date. He can’t wait, he said.”

“Aw,” Sophia cooed.

“I know, he’s so romantic. I can’t believe how it’s worked out. I think he’s the one.”

Melouise scoffed walking back into the room after having let Cherie in and plopped herself back in her original position on her favourite beat up arm chair. “How totally romantic,” she said sarcastically “Yay, Madagascar Three! God, how old are you?”

“Mel’s just jealous.” I laughed, patting a now frowning Cherie.

“Hey, don’t worry Melly, Aly and Soph will find you someone too and then we can double date!” Cherie said, her eyes lighting up once again.

“You’ve gotta be kidding, right?”

Cherie didn’t answer and herself and Soph sat silent for a moment. I rolled my eyes standing up and ushering Mel into the kitchen.

“We’ll get some drinks, girls.” I called to the others, they nodded in reply.

Once we were in the kitchen Melouise began collecting glasses out of the cabinet, I frowned slightly and sighed. “Are you hungry or something?”

“Yes, how’d you guess?” she asked, placing the glasses on the side bench and pulling open the fridge next to her.

“You’re being a bit of a bitch.” I pointed out, crossing my arms over my chest, keeping my eyes fixed on her.

She sighed, frowning as she started pouring vitamin juice into each glass. “It’s just, this is supposed to be a girls night and she keeps babbling about Marcus. We’ve not done this for over a month and already Marcus is getting involved. I’ve never even spoken to the guy but I want to punch him hard in the face.”

I stifled a laugh.

 “I know, but she’s just happy. Don’t you want happiness for her?”

“Of course I do, you know I love her to bits and I’d do anything to see her happy, but since you and Soph set her up with Marcus it’s been non-stop and rule twenty-three states that-”

“Stuff that,” I said seriously, causing Mel to gasp. I gave her a blank look and she closed her mouth for a second. “Can’t we skip the code for one night?” I asked and she stood staring back at me.

 “I can’t believe you said that.” she started. “You of all people, really.”

I laughed and shook my head. “We’re sticking to number two, don’t worry.”

“I’m not,” she grinned momentarily. “But seriously, the girl code. You dissed it.”

She handed me two glasses and held the other two herself waiting until our conversation was done to give the others their drinks.

I took a sip out of one of the glasses encased in my hands and gulped down the cool liquid. “I know, I’ll speak to Cherie quietly, I’m sure she realises she’s breaching code law.” I mocked.

Mel rolled her eyes and glared at me.“You’re not funny, Alyson.”

“Really? But I’m trying so hard. ” I grinned small hoping she’d laugh.

She did, smiling slightly back at me. “Mhm, well you best try even harder.”

I laughed and stuck my tongue out before nodding my head towards the lounge.

“They’ll be waiting for us to come back so we can get the chocolate and start the movie.”

Mel and myself walked back through to where we’d left our friends and I handed Cherie her glass before sipping at my own drink again. She smiled and thanked me looking at Mel who grinned down at her.

“Sorry about snapping, time of the month.” She apologised and Cherie shrugged.

“It’s fine, really.”

Mel nodded and turned to Soph who was sat staring at the two of them and myself. “Your help?”

Soph raised her eyebrows slightly and stood up placing her glass of vitamin juice that Mel had given her on the coffee table. “What with?”

“Mom’s chocolate stash upstairs.”

Sophia grinned devilishly and nodded her head once. “My pleasure, lead the way.”

I waited until both Mel and Soph had disappeared upstairs before confronting an awkward looking Cherie.

“Are you alright?” I asked, my voice soft.

Cherie looked at me before gazing up the stair well and nodding slowly. “Yeah, I’m just confused is all.”


Cherie sighed. “I thought she’d be happy for me-”

“-She is, Cherie, she’s just following the code.” I grinned lightly and Cherie smiled, though it didn’t reach her eyes.

“Rule twenty-three, right?”

“That’s the one. You realise she meant nothing by her outburst, right?” I was afraid Cherie may have taken it to heart, see, she’s not as strong minded as the rest of us, and she is easily offended though she tries to hide it.

“Yeah, I know, and I’ll cool it with the Marcus stuff. I just want this to be a nice night.” She replied half-heartedly.

I placed my glass down on the table next to Soph and Mel’s and shuffled myself along the sofa to place a reassuring hand on Cherie’s shoulder.

“I want to hear all about him tomorrow, mind.” I grinned and she turned to smile at me thankfully.


“I cry every time.” Sophia whined, clutching a box of tissues in one hand, her other grasping at her edge of Mel’s duvet that we’d dragged down about three hours ago and all snuggled under.

“We know,” Cherie sniffled, rubbing her eyes lightly. “It’s such a tear jerker.”

I nodded in agreement, softly dabbing at my own swollen and watery eyes. “I vote we watch a comedy next time, at least we can then have a bit of a laugh instead of pouring our eyes over bars of chocolate.”

Mel laughed as she shuffled out from under the duvet and yawned, pulling herself towards the dvd player. She pressed the eject button and out popped the tray which held the now slowly spinning disc. “I think we should go for horror, personally.”

“What and let Cherie have nightmares for the whole of eternity?” Sophia interjected before I could.

“Hey! I’d probably make it through Paranormal Activity.” She protested to which I shook my head laughing.

“Sweetie, you hid your eyes behind a pillow when we watched Most Haunted, and you can tell that that’s all a set up.” I prodded her shoulder jokingly and she slapped my hand away, pouting.

“I hate you all.” she grinned and I smiled lightly.

I stuck my tongue out before replying. “We hate you too.”

Mel chuckled at us as she placed the disc into it’s case before dropping it onto the coffee table with a light thud.

“Girls, what do you want to do now?” she asked, drawing the attention back to her as host after two and a half hours of watching Titanic.

“… Um. How about we play truth or dare? I mean, it’s only Eleven, we’ve got at least two more hours before your Mom’s home, right?” Soph suggested.

“Right, so, what do you two think?” she turned to myself and Cherie.

Cherie smiled awkwardly. “Can we skip questions about sex? You always drop those ones on me, and well…” she trailed off and I arched a brow in her direction.

“Sure,” I said dragging the ‘u’ out as I watched her sceptically.

“Why though? Have you and Marcus done it?” Mel smirked at her and Cherie blushed a dark shade of pink.

She glared at me as I laughed and shook her head. “No, of course not, we’ve only been together for a week and three days.” She pointed out. “I just get really, embarrassed around that topic.”

Mel slowly nodded and sighed. “Fine, we’ll skip you out of that round then.” She said incredulously and Cherie let a breath of relief out that I hadn’t realised she held in.

“Thanks,” she mumbled, still blushing slightly as we all scooted up so Mel could slide under the duvet again, ready to start the first round.


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