the Adventure

This Adventure starts off in the countryside of foe and Baronto turns 18 and seeks adventure to seek revenge on the Orcs who killed his family on his journeys he meets some very skilled people and creates a strong fellowship to help him with his quest they includes a Dwarf, a Elf and a Wizard together they travel to the dark side of foe where it is seized by darkness to defeat the chief Orc who slaughtered his father

Will Baronto succeed or will he uphold the same fate as his father?


1. In the beginning

As the sun began to rise over the quite mountains of Foe the birds began to hum a tune signalling the begging of spring, that slowly but surely began to bring the world to life. The beetle-juice roses sprouted out from there winters sleep and the leaves of the hofflepuff tree sprung to life once more, bringing tranquillity to Foe after such a cold and bitter winter. Next to the hofflepuff tree lay a small cottage where a farmer and her son inhabited. Now they were not the richest of folk in the land, of foe but they lived well. 

Our story is about Baronto the farmer’s son he is young only seventeen; he had long shaggy hair and a rough face, but was very handsome. His mother was a widow of a soldier, who died in battle, one of the kings finest slain by Orcs, she now took care of the farm and Baronto. Baronto also had an uncle; on his fathers side Ganon who lives down the road and is very close,  as he resembles a father figure to him. Together they train in the arts of duelling gradually increasing Baronto skill of fighting and tactics and would make a fine soilder one day. However his mother forbids him to join the army as it is to dangerous and she could not bare to lose another member of her family so close to her heart.The sun rose over Foe; Baronto was in the stables feeding the last of the feed to the horses, as he wandered down the stable, he gazed at the rising sun through the small window near the top of the barn and wondered actually how dangerous the big wide world is compared to his uncles description. He was suddenly broke from his trance by the fright of his uncle jumping out from behind one of the horses. The scare shocked him so much, he collapsed to the ground with a thump.
"Uncle how dare thee give such a fright, that one might fall to the ground so violently" Baronto protested, as he was hauled up by his uncle, who was laughing so hard, he almost spewed up his breakfast.
"You should be more alert my young nephew" Ganon cried, as he helped his nephew regain his stance.

They both looked at each other, over taking the past events and then the silence was broken. Ganon asked as they began walking out the stable  "yes I am very exited I have been waiting a very long time for this lesson but it is finally here" Baronto exclaimed as they reached the stable entrance "i have a couple of jobs to do first so I'll meet you at the top of the foot of the Mountie for the long walk up" at that his uncle departed and headed to the cabin with all the training equipment in to pack for the day ahead. Baronto on the other hand headed to the farm house to say goodbye to his mother and to collect the eggs from the chicken coop. He reached the coop first but all the eggs where gone so he confusedly stumbled towards the house, as he reached the door it suddenly swung open and his mother came gliding out with a basket of eggs "I wondered who stole the eggs" he merely joked as he greeted his mother with a soft kiss to the cheek "i have collected the eggs today as it is so close to your birthday i thought i might take some of your choirs off your burdens hands" she explained "Go now, and train with Ganon he should be ready now and you know what he is like; he doesn't like to be kept waiting" she said "I know I know I will see you at sunset in time for tea goodbye mother"he shouted as he ran down the path towards the Mountie where his uncle stood waiting.          

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