Its Been A While

Sophie has been friends with Harry Styles for a long time. They go to school together, live in the same apartment, and even do the most ridulous things together! But these past few years Sophie has developed feelings for him. Can friendship turn into romance?


2. Car Accident

Sophies P.O.V

We were just driving normally, when out of the blue came a big truck. Harry swerved and hit another car. All three of us had been launched out our seats, and I was screaming Harrys name. No reply. Before I knew it everything was black.

*Few Days Later*

I woke up in a white room. This isnt my home. Machines were everywhere. I sat up and looked around... why was I in hospital. Then it all came back to me, the car crash. My eyes started to fill with tears, I didn't know where Harry or Niall was. Suddenly, a doctor walked in. He rushed to my side and started asking me questions. I asked where Harry and Niall were. Right on cue, Harry and Niall walked in. They ran over to me and hugged me. They started to cry and so did I.

"Sophie you're okay!! I thought we'd lost you!"

"Harry! Niall! What happned?"

"Well, Niall, you and I were in a crash. When we were flung out of our seats you landed on me and kinda saved my life. I'm thankfull, but I'm just glad you're okay."

That night we left the hospital and headed home. I was relived as the hospital was such a scary and uncomfortable place. When we got out I headed straight up stairs and collasped on the bed. Before I knew it I was asleep. You'd think after me getting a few days of sleep I wouldn't be tired, but I was hanging!

I woke up and felt a strong arm around me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Harry next to me. I called for Niall and told him to get the camera.

"I know a GREAT way to wake Harry up! You filmimg?"


Right then, I kicked harry in the balls as hard as I could. He woke up straight away and screamed in pain. Both me and Niall were in stiches, we just stood there crying because it was soooo funny!

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