Laws of The World

Everything must change, for the better. Everything must work harmoniously, or nothing will work. At all...


1. Laws of The World

To everyone in the World,
Today is the day.
For the New flag to unfurl,
And lead a new way.


Today is the day,
That the War ends.
Let the past decay,
It always just offends.


So I have declared,
That this is Law one:
Those who do damage be chaired,
In Prison so no harm is done.


And to stop this hunger,
In neglected homes.
Why should they die younger?
So we can live in a technology dome?


I say no to this inhumanity,
It has never been right.
Who thought of this insanity?
Law Two is not much of a bite:


Everyone will donate £5 a week,
So they don't live with such a task.
From your budget it's hardly a leak,
So is it really that much to ask?


And do not get me even started,
On the lack of the Rainforest.
Their beauty is charted,
Not to be killed for a florist.


I do not wish for them to die,
We need them to survive.
Or we'll die in the blink of an eye,
We all need them to thrive.


To respond to this act against Nature,
Of the green dead sea.
The cure is for sure,
To be Law Three:


To those who destroy any forest,
They have left a scar.
They will have to live years of their best,
Locked away behind bars.


But there is always another choice,
So the forest can resume to grow.
The bank will not rejoice,
But replanting will cost some dough.


Here are just some basic Laws,
Some simple ones for now.
But it all goes to a good cause,
And to you I will vow.


Some more Laws might be given,
But don't think it's unfair.
I'm trying to get us Forgiven,
I'm hoping on a Prayer.

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