In a heartbeat

When Lily meets Harry Styles at a club while on a night out with the girls he instantly takes a liking to her. They end up spending the night together. But what they didn't realise at the time that one night was going to change their lives forever.


1. The beginning



A night out. Just what I need. Work has been so much pressure at the moment. I work as a makeup artist and I’m doing makeup for London Fashion Week. Seeing as LFW is in only about a month all of my colleagues are all busy getting ready and preparing to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Tonight the girls (i.e. Laila, Ava and Daisy) were taking me out clubbing to take my mind off everything. I was getting pretty excited seeing as I hadn’t been out in a while. I was wearing a black dress that had cut outs on the sides and black high heels. I did my make up; I was wearing a small amount of foundation and used my MAC make up products, ‘Hey Sailor’ Red Lipstick, ‘Hey Sailor’ Red Nail Lacquer, ‘Extended Play’ Lash Mascara, Dark Brown eye shadow and some false eyelashes.

Just as I had finished softly curling my hair I heard the doorbell to my apartment ring. I rushed to get the door and when I opened it my friends were stood there looking as gorgeous as ever. 

Daisy was wearing a Pink strapless tube dress with wedges that were pastel colours. I always admired her because although she did not have the perfect body she wore clothes that suited her and she was comfortable in, and to be honest she didn’t give a damn what others thought of her. She had found the perfect man and they had settled down together, got married and had a beautiful daughter named Violet.

Ava was next. Ava was a gorgeous girl that had an amazing body because she was a professional dancer. She was always wearing some lovely clothes like tonight she was wearing a black dress with a puff-ball skirt and red and blue union jack shoes. It looked amazing on her; she could pull it off so well.

And last but most certainly not least was Laila. Laila was my best friend in the whole world. She had been there for me ever since I was little and she always helped me through rough patches. She was like a sister to me as we were incredibly close. Tonight she was wearing a leopard print dress that had cut out sections at the neck and fitted her perfectly; she also wore a pair of black suede heels.

“Hey Lils” they all said. Incase you didn’t gather what my name is from that I will tell you. My name is Lily Henderson and I am a 19 year old girl from London.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you girls in ages” I said as we all walked into the kitchen of my apartment. We were all having pre-party drinks at my apartment before we went out.

“I know, sorry” Daisy said, “I’ve just been so busy with Violet”

“I get it, don’t worry, I have been pretty busy with work as well seeing as its London Fashion Week next month and I need to get ready for it”

“Oh yeah, how is it?” Laila asked. I sat down next to them and began to fill them in on everything LFW realted.


We had had about 3 drinks each now and we were all slightly tipsy so we decided to leave for the clubs. We were going out to a new pub called something like ‘Liquid’. Apparently it was pretty new and was well known for being a celebrity hang out so we were going to give it a try.


As we entered the club there were lights shining everywhere and music pounding. This looks like a good party. I immediately went over to the bar to get a drink while Daisy went to find her husband and Ava and Laila started dancing.

“Can I have a vodka and coke, please?” I asked the bar tender. He gave me my drink and I easily downed it and asked for another.

“You don’t want to have too many of those” A husky voice said from besides me. I turned around to see a curly haired boy climbing onto a bar stool besides me.

“And who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do?” I said with a slightly bitchy tone to my voice. I hated when people just started randomly talking to me.

“Woah, Calm it” He laughed “I was just saying”

He looked around the club and then back at me.

“Fancy a dance?” He asked me. What harm could a small dance do? I agreed and we made our way to the middle of the dance floor.

“So, you never told me your name.” The guy shouted in my ear so I could hear it over the volume of the music.

“Lily, and yours?”

“Um..I’m..” He began to stutter. It was just then that a bright light lit up the guys face and I realised who it was.

I literally can’t believe this. This ‘guy’ was no ordinary guy.  It was HARRY FRICKIN’ STYLES! I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM DANCING WITH HARRY STYLES!

“So I gather you know who I am?” I guess he must have noticed me shocked expression.

“Yes, I know who you are” I said still shocked “Can I just ask you one thing, why did you pick me out of all the girls in the club?”

“I guess it must be because” he started “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”

He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Do you feel like getting out of here?” He whispered in my ear.

“Do you really need to ask?” I said, pulling him into another kiss before we made our way back to his car. I guess it all just went from there..

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