everything whent black

Julia Johnsson is 15 years old when her best friend left with out saying good bye. after that she skips school for a long time and the only thing she did was sitting in her room close to the window thinking about what she had done wrong. Then the most unexpected thing happened, she loses a very close person and has to move because off all the memories they shared together.


3. what did they do here

Monday night

it was awful, terrifying and above all  awkward.

The whole day everybody stared at me and whispered even if they knew  I could see and hear them. I couldn’t even get my privacy in the girls bathroom. At lunch I couldn't take it any more when every one stared at me when I walked in to the cafeteria,so I did the most stupid thing ever!! I couldn't hold it any more, it just exploded out of my mouth.

''hey! Have you nothing better to do instead of staring! it was not my fault that he left!''

after them I ran out off the cafeteria and all the way home.


3 hours later

I laid in my bed and tried to cry but I couldn’t. I didn’t know why because I have cried and cried all the time since Harry left me, but why not now??

suddenly there was a knock on the door so I ran down the stairs and into the hall, I peeked through the window next to the door and couldn't believe my eyes.

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