everything whent black

Julia Johnsson is 15 years old when her best friend left with out saying good bye. after that she skips school for a long time and the only thing she did was sitting in her room close to the window thinking about what she had done wrong. Then the most unexpected thing happened, she loses a very close person and has to move because off all the memories they shared together.


4. i can't belive it

why where they here??


I opened the door slowly. And there they stood to old and a little bit


before me stood two policemen in her 40's, they looked worried and asked if they could come in. I responded yes a bit shocked and they followed me into the kitchen, I sat on one side of the table and they on the other side.


''I'm sorry too say this but I'm afraid we have some bad news''

one off the policeman began and I got a bad feeling in my body when he said the last part.


''continue'' I said he did ... 


''this morning your mother was find in an alley a few blocks from here, she had been drinking a lot and couldn't be saved. I'm sorry to say this but your mother is dead.''


I couldn't believe it. my mother was dead, DEAD!! she newer really cared about me or my little sister who is 3 years old, I know its weird that my mother got a new kid when she was like 45 but she's a alcoholic so she slept with  many men so she didn't even know who my little sisters father was. Even if she never cared she still was my mother. But I really didn't bother to care that she was dead the only thing I was bothering over was what was  going to happen to me and my sister.

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