everything whent black

Julia Johnsson is 15 years old when her best friend left with out saying good bye. after that she skips school for a long time and the only thing she did was sitting in her room close to the window thinking about what she had done wrong. Then the most unexpected thing happened, she loses a very close person and has to move because off all the memories they shared together.


1. Flashback

I have no clue what happened!




We where walking along the street too school, we where laughing and playing around. When we finally got to school, we where running late so we hurried to our classrooms. when i finally get to have lunch break I hurried to my locker and waiting for Harry too show up. I waited and waited but he never showed up! After a while I couldn’t take it anymore so I walked to the cafeteria to meet him there. I was sitting in the cafeteria the whole lunch break but he never showed up, at that time I was  worried. The school bell started ringing so I got to class, I was hoping too see him there.....but of course not! After class I was so worried so I went to the headmasters office. I knocked on the door and Ms. Morgan yelled:

''come in''. I opened the door and walked into the room.

''And what do you want Julia'' she said with  a bright smile.


''I was just wondering I you know where harry is'' I said back with a worried tone.

''he left just after lunch, he said that he had a lot left to pack before the move'' she said.

''what move?'' I said a bit angrily.

''he's moving to London today. Didn't you know?''

My eyes filled up whit tears and in a second I was out of the school and running for my life. The only thing spinning around in my head was ''hurry up!! you need to HURRY UP!!''. I didn't stop running before I came to Harry’s house. But it was to late he was gone.

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